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Top 10 Sex Scandals of 2009

Top 10 Hollywood Sex Scandals of 2009Cutting things short today for the New Year. Here’s a bountiful Top 10 list to hold you over until Monday (click through the gallery for comments under each picture). Stay safe out there tonight kids, and remember, just because a chick happens to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel doesn’t…

Top 10 Ho Ho Hos of Hollywood

Top 10 Ho Ho Hos of HollywoodMerry Christmas boys and girls. Celebslam’s cutting it short today and taking tomorrow off for Christmas but will be back on Monday. In the meantime, here’s a little Top 10 list I whipped up: Top 10 Ho Ho Hos of Hollywood (Lady Gaga @ #10 above). Make sure you…

This seems newsworthy

Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2009Earlier this week, Mr. Skin released his annual list of the Top 10 celebrity nude scenes of 2009. So I went ahead and created a way-NSFW gallery of them. Because why wouldn’t I? I don’t want to spoil the surprise but, boobs. Lots of ‘em. You’re welcome. #10 above is…

Top 10 Space Babes

by Dan the CelebmanSpace, it’s full of heavenly bodies, and here are 10 of them. If you’re
looking for Princess Leia, Ripley or some really random female alien
with an extra ear on her forehead from the original Star Trek
series, well you won’t find them here. This is not about nostalgia,
this is about…

Top 10 Scariest Celebrities

by Dan the Celebman  We can all get a little bitter when some fat Hollywood producer picks a no talent bimbo “a la Heidi” off the street and makes them a star just because their face sells product. But there’s a good reason why the producer does that, and the following celebs are the reason…

Top 10 Hollywood Odd Couples

by Dan the CelebmanChances are that three of these couples will have broken up before you finish reading this article. Four of them will then date other people on the list, before marrying a country singer or athlete. And finally, two others will decide they’re gay and date Courtney Love. They sell lead-lined condoms, right?NOTE:…

Top 10 Bad Hollywood Boob Jobs

Top 10 Bad Hollywood Boob Jobsby Dan the CelebmanNothing makes shallow celebs happier than a stiff injection of saline solution. But just like with Kevin Costner’s acting career, things sometimes go horribly wrong.NOTE: Make sure you click through the gallery for individual comments under each picture.

NSFW: The Best of the Best