Paul Walker

Paris Hilton prefers to grieve in public

Paris Hilton prefers to grieve in public

Some left flowers. Others lit candles. Paris Hilton flew a banner — with her name on it — over the Paul Walker memorial on Sunday in Valencia. And who can blame her? What’s the point of false grief if you can’t take public credit…

The Paul Walker crash site is Southern California’s hottest new tourist attraction

The Paul Walker accident scene in Valencia, CA

Rather predictably, the crash site where Paul Walker tragically lost his life on Saturday is being swarmed by people and has become Southern California hottest new tourist attraction. People are leaving flowers, lighting candles, selling water, and even scavenging for pieces of the…


Paul Walker dies in a car accident HOLY SHIT PAUL WALKER JUST DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT! Lost control of his Porsche GT in Santa Clarita (a city just north of L.A.) and slammed into a post or tree. Details are a bit sketchy, but according to TMZ, Paul and a passenger in his car…

They still make Cool Water?

Paul Walker shooting an advertisement for Cool Water by Davidoff cologne in Oahu

What? It’s just Paul Walker doing a photoshoot on the beach in nothing but wet jeans. Nothing gay about this at all. How else are high school freshman and bargain shoppers at CVS supposed to know that…

16 years old

Paul Walker and his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell in Maui (1/19)Remember those pics of Paul Walker and his girlfriend I posted a few weeks ago? Well Star magazine posted a funny little love story about the couple last week. Wait, maybe “love” isn’t the word I mean to use:Hunky Paul Walker, star of 2 Fast 2…

This is me mailing in the rest of the day

Bikini Pics /
Paul Walker and his girlfriend in Maui

Paul Walker has a girlfriend . . . and I’m staring at her ass. Ta da!

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