Paris Hilton

Burning Man update

Burning Man update

Paris Hilton was there. It’s officially uncool.

Paris Hilton really wants to be famous again

Paris Hilton leaving Ours Club In London

If you think it kills Paris Hilton that Kim Kardashian has become a bigger star than she ever was, you’re exactly right. So that’s why she just hired her ex publicist to rocket her back to being famous for being famous. From the…

And she just met that water!

Paris Hilton on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain

PUBLIC SAFETY TIP: If you’re going to Ibiza in the next week or so, avoid the water. After Paris Hilton’s antics yesterday, it’s basically the same as the Zika water in Brazil now. Or don’t avoid it. Whatever. It’s your life, man.

Um, Paris, your, um

Paris Hilton shopping at the Apple store in Milan, Italy

I don’t know what’s more surprising here: that Paris Hilton flashed so much of her thong to the paparazzi to the point of almost seeing asshole, or that she’s actually wearing underwear to flash to the paparazzi. I guess that’s…

Paris Hilton is getting old

Paris Hilton leaving Claridge’s Hotel in London

You know how you can tell Paris Hilton is getting old? She was getting into her car in London yesterday and she took *careful* measure to avoid flashing the paparazzi. The old Paris . . . let’s just say the old Paris is the…

Paris Hilton is single

Paris Hilton out and about in Beverly Hills

Stock up on the Valtrex and bear spray, because you know who just dumped her boyfriend. From Life & Style:
Paris Hilton and her Austrian boyfriend, Thomas Gross, have called it quits after a year of dating.

“They are both friends…

Paris Hilton is, like, still very important, you guys

Paris Hilton shopping in Beverly Hills

Remember back in February when I made fun of Paris Hilton for carrying three iPhones? Well now she has four. Even President Obama doesn’t have four cell phones. Hell, even Jamie Foxx as President Sawyer in White House Down (2013) didn’t have four cell…

Lifestyles of the Rich and Annoying

Bikini Pics /

Paris Hilton in The Maldives

In honor of her 35th birthday last Wednesday, Paris Hilton has been at Velaa Private Island in The Maldives for the past week. And Paris being Paris, she’s instagrammed 30+ pictures of her trip including her on a private jet, her in bikinis and swimsuits, and…

Paris Hilton is, like, very important, you guys

Paris Hilton leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills

So Paris Hilton apparently carries three iPhones around. Three iPhones = Three angles of vagina selfie to text to that guy you just met at Starbucks. Fucking brilliant.

Paris Hilton’s ass for Paper magazine . . . and the afternoon links

Paris Hilton in the Winter 2015 issue of Paper magazine

+ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing nothing but a scarf [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Jenna Dewan rocking the underboob [WWTDD]
+ Fatty! [IDLYITW]
+ Another Miley Cyrus upskirt (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ There was no bear rape [The Superficial]

+ All pizza lovers…

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