Nina Agdal

Stop me if you’ve heard this before

Nina Agdal on her way to Le Coucou restaurant in Soho, NY

Leo DiCaprio. Love. Blah blah blah. Settling down. Blah blah blah. Marriage material. Blah blah blah. From the New York Post:
Leo DiCaprio’s been surrounded by models during New York Fashion Week, but he only has eyes for…

In beautiful people news . . .

Beautiful People /
Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal at famed jeweler Fawaz Gruosi’s “Fawaz’s Folies” birthday party at Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy (8/9)

Leo DiCaprio. Nina Agdal. Private Island. Bahamas.

Nina Agdal in her work clothes

In case you’re wondering what Leo DiCaprios is doing right now, he’s waking up next to Nina Agdal on a private island in the Bahamas. Living the dream. From Page Six:
Leo DiCaprio and his latest blond model girlfriend, Nina Agdal, are on a romantic…

Nina Agdal for S.I.’s ‘Summer Of Swim’ . . . and the afternoon links

Nina Agdal on the set of Sports Illustrated’s Summer of Swim photoshoot in New York

+ Hilary Duff continuing to show off her strong legs [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Caitlin Stasey flashing her boobs (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Emily Ratajkowski’s mom has bigger boobs [The Blemish]
+ It’s Adriana Lima’s sex scene…

Nina Agdal likes to live dangerously

Nina Agdal riding a Citibike in New York

Not paying attention on a bike while 5,000 pound hunks of metal speed past you 4-feet-away at 50mph? Gee, what could possibly wrong? Brain damage! It’s hot this summer! Remember kids, always wear a helmet if texting and bicycling in busy metropolitan…

Supermodels Eating Ice Cream: Nina Agdal vs. Alessandra Ambrosio

Nina Agdal in New York
(5/28), Alessandra Ambrosio in West Hollywood (5/15)

Winner: Nina Agdal, but only because she doesn’t look like Sloth from The Goonies.


Nina Agdal making lung cancer sexy . . . and Wednesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Wednesday, April 11

Nina Agdal out and about in New York (pics start here)

Model Camila Ranaya doing a photoshoot for 138 Water in Malibu (pics start here)

Candice Swanepoel and her fiance Hermann Nicoli out and about in New York (pics start here)


Nina Agdal’s new photoshoot for Leonisa . . . and the afternoon links

Nina Agdal for Leonisa Swimwear

+ Sara Underwood’s tremendous behind [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Teen Wolf is gay, obviously [WWTDD]
+ Emily Bett Rickards see through pasties (site NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Justin Bieber really likes strippers (NSFW) [Celebslam]
+ Khloe Kardashian confirms the obvious [Cele|bitchy]

+ That’sa pussy-gettin’ van…

Model at Midnight: Nina Agdal

Model Pictures /
Nina Agdal

Danish model Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal for Beach Bunny Love Haus . . . and the afternoon links

Nina Agdal for the 2015 Beach Bunny Love Haus Collection

+ Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter is missing [WWTDD]

+ Kate Upton is pretty much a plus size model now [Drunken Stepfather]
+ The Duggars have some balls [The Superficial]
+ Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace areola peek (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Emile Hirsch is going…

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