Nick Carter

Nick Carter vs. A Bouncer: Who you got?

Nick Carter performing with the Backstreet Boys in Spain in 2014

Nick Carter is under arrest. The former Backstreet Boy was just minding his own business at a bar in Key West when a big mean bouncer picked a fight with him. Errr, at least that’s the story I’m sure he…

The Most Embarrassing Picture of Nick Carter

The Most Embarrassing Picture of Nick Carter

Time for another addition to our “The Most Embarrassing” feature. Basically I find the most embarrassing picture of a celebrity and post it for our amusement. That’s Nick Carter, above.. The worst part about this picture is that he actually thinks that’s a sexy…

Paris Hilton smuggled drugs into Mexico, also hates black people

Paris Hilton in Las Vegas in 2006As mentioned last week, author Mark Ebner’s Hollywood tell-all Six Degrees of Paris Hilton hits store shelves next week. The juiciest parts of the book come from Ebner’s interview with Darnell Riley, a man who bought 14 hours of Paris Hilton home videos from Russian thieves. Excerpt time!Paris and…

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