Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is noticeable

Lisa Rinna filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills

When was the last time Lisa Rinna didn’t have permanently hard nipples? I’m gonna go with the Clinton administration. That seems unhealthy.

Oh hi Lisa Rinna . . . and Tuesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Tuesday, May 10

Lisa Rinna leaving The Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Model Nikole Powers at the beach in Miami (pics start here)

Singer Pia Mia Perez leaving Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Nicole Richie leaving Goldie Hawn’s…

Lisa Rinna is noticeable

Lisa Rinna leaving a yoga class in Studio City

Did Lisa Rinna get another nose job? Or perhaps she’s switched to a milk with added calcium to strengthen her old brittle bones? Something about her is more noticeable than usual . . .

Lisa Rinna in Mexico

Bikini Pics /

Lisa Rinna in a bikini

Here’s legitimate-actress-turned-reality-television-soul-selling-whore Lisa Rinna in Mexico this week where’s she’s creating fake controversies about her being too healthy. She wrote on Instagram:
Chill Bitches. My body is a healthy body. I am proud of this body, it is strong and healthy. We come in all shapes…

Lisa Rinna is noticeable

Lisa Rinna at TreePeople Park in Studio City

Did Lisa Rinna get a new hat? Or perhaps she reclaimed her dignity by getting a job on a real television show instead of a reality television show? Something about her is more noticeable than usual . . .

Um, Lisa . . . Um . . . Your um, uh

Lisa Rinna (and Harry Hamlin) out for a walk in Studio City

FYI, Lisa Rinna, if you’re missing a pair of your spandex pants, I think I know what happened to them. They got eaten.

Oh wow Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna at TreePeople Park in Beverly Hills

Remember kids, once you get lip injections, there’s no turning back. You will eventually look like Lisa Rinna. Think long and hard if that’s a reality you want. Do the right thing: stay in school and say no to lip injections.

Lisa Rinna’s lips are just spectacular . . . and the afternoon links

Lisa Rinna heading to a friend’s house in Studio City

+ Is Selena Gomez getting fat? [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Maitland Ward is getting naked again (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Bill Cosby is one horny old dude [The Blemish]
+ Candice Swanepoel is topless (NSFW) [Celebslam]
+ DO WANT [Brobible]

Holy crap

Lisa Rinna logging in Beverly Hills

I’ve posted some ridiculous pics of Lisa Rinna’s lips before (see here, here, and here), but these may be the worst. Pretty sure these were taken four minutes after she left the plastic surgeon’s office. She has so much liquid collagen in her lips…

I can’t stop staring at Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna hiking at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills

Did you know that if you look into a mirror and say the name “Lisa Rinna” three times, a plastic surgeon will jump out and inject botox into your face? It’s true. I did it at a sleepover one time…

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