Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is butt ass naked

Kathy Griffin for Tyler Shields

Sometimes you don’t realize that you want to see someone naked until you actually see them naked. Sometimes a person you’ve mercilessly teased for years surprises the hell out of you. Sometimes a day comes when just gotta admit you were wrong. Today will not be…

This is disturbing

Kathy Griffin has a bedazzled vagina

No Kathy Griffin, really, it’s OK if you don’t talk about your vagina ever again. I promise. From the New York Post:
Kathy Griffin is not shy about her admiration for other celebrities and their most intimate parts. At the NBC Universal press day last week,…

Kathy Griffin wants to be the new Simon

Kathy Griffin on the set of Law & Order: SVU in New York (1/6) It’s tough to write a story intro when the headline pic is making you throw up in your mouth. Oh dear god she is ugly. From the Chicago Sun Times:On the “Idol” front, Kathy Griffin’s blatant campaign to replace Cowell at…


Bikini Pics /

Kathy Griffin bikini picsSomeone — hopefully fired by now — at OK! magazine thought it’d be a great idea to do a bikini photoshoot with Kathy Griffin, or as I call her “Enemy of the State” — with “State” being a euphemism for my penis. What’s weird is that — compared to say, a Rosie…

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