Rob Kardashian takes his fat to television

Rob Kardashian might be on The Biggest Loser

Rob Kardashian has gotten so fat that only reality television can save him. Apparently he’s set to join the latest season of The Biggest Loser. Dignity? What’s that? From Star:
It’s a slur Rob Kardashian is used to hearing from his catty sisters,…

JWoww barely fits in this post

JWoww leaving New York Live studios in New York

PUBLIC SERVICE ADVISORY: If anything of yours has gone missing in the past 30 days (keys, purse, wallet, dog, child), there is a very good chance that JWoww ate it. You might want to question her.

Alec Baldwin on the set of Law & Order yesterday

KFed will always be fat

KFed will always be fat

Shocking even himself, Kevin Federline announced on Dec. 31 that he was the spokesman for a new diet plan:
Very proud to be a spokesman for The Fresh Diet. Also very happy it works. Getting shredded this year. #getfit #healthyliving #healthyfood #comegetyousome
According to the Daily

Rob Kardashian was fat shamed to Florida

Rob Kardashian on his way to eat, probably

In Touch Weekly says Rob Kardashian is so embarrassed about getting fat that he moved to Florida so everyone will leave him alone. Wait a minute . . . do they have food in Florida? Oh shit, I think I see a problem in…

Jonah Hill is a huge star

Jonah Hill leaving a gym in West Hollywood

At least a few times a week, Jonah Hill is spotted leaving a gym in West Hollywood. Jonah Hill. A gym. I’m confused, does anyone know when gyms actually stopped having exercise equipment? Is that a recent trend?


Matthew Perry at LAX airport

When we last left Matthew Perry, he was debuting his new ~100 pound weight gain at LAX on Friday. And here he is again at LAX on Tuesday looking even fatter, if that’s possible. Let’s be honest here. I don’t think Matthew Perry is getting…

Keanu Reeves got fat

Keanu Reeves on the yacht Odessa in Cannes

“If I eat below 5,000 calories a day, the bus will EXPLODE! . . . err, something like that.”

Fat Jonah Hill is normal Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill leaving Starbucks in Bel-Air

Hey, remember when Jonah Hills was skinny? Yeah, I don’t either. It’s like trying to remember the Civil War.

“We knew we’d get you back, you little punk! Mwahahahaha!” – Calories to Jonah Hill, 2013

WTF happened to Mischa Barton?

Mischa Barton shopping at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood

I don’t know why, but Mischa Barton went shopping yesterday in West Hollywood wearing 25 pairs of shorts. What a weirdo.

UPDATE: After further analysis, she’s only wearing one pair of shorts and her ass just got really huge overnight.

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