Cameron Diaz

Did Cameron Diaz appreciate the last story about her?

Cameron Diaz leaving Petco in Studio City

No, no she did not.

Cameron Diaz is not smart

Cameron Diaz promoting her new book The Longevity Book at Barnes & Noble Union Square in New York

Call me old-fashioned, but maybe not Cameron Diaz’s best idea ever to put a gigantic photoshopped picture of her face on her new book and then pose with said book during her…

I think the ghost of Cameron Diaz may be haunting a hotel in Ireland . . . and Wednesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Wednesday, February 17

Cameron Diaz at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, Ireland (pics start here)

Bo Krsmanovic at “Sports Illustrated Celebrates Swimsuit 2016″ at Brookfield Place in New York (pics start here)

NFL star Russell Wilson shopping at Michael Kors in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Cameron Diaz is a show off

Cameron Diaz leaving UTA in Beverly Hills

Here’s Cameron Diaz showing off her wedding ring earlier this week in Beverly Hills. Oh well la di da, miss show off. Remind me to be more humble than this when I become famous.

Cameron Diaz Benji Madden are officially married

Benji Madden and Cameron in Beaulieu, France last summer

Looks like Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden weren’t fucking around. After dating for less than a year, and getting engaged last month, the two married last night at their home in Beverly Hills. At this pace, I fully expect Cameron to give…

It’s Cameron Diaz’s engagement ring

Cameron Diaz out and about in West Hollywood

I thought this was just a joke, but it really does look like Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are getting married. Cameron was spotted wearing an engagement ring in West Hollywood yesterday. Obviously this is a smart move by Benji. You got…

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are engaged

Cameron Diaz engaged to Benji Madden

After only dating for half the year, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are engaged. Well, duh. Cameron definitely isn’t getting any younger, so this makes perfect sense for her. And the last time Benji was relevant, I had a MySpace page, so this also makes…

I see what you’re doing there, Cameron Diaz . . . and Tuesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Tuesday, November 11

Cameron Diaz leaving Gracias Madre in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Taylor Swift leaving her apartment (pics start here)

Diane Kruger filming her new movie Maryland in Col d’Eze, France (pics start here)

Padma Lakshmi leaving her apartment in New York (pics

Cameron Diaz does not look like that

Cameron Diaz does not look like that

Here’s Cameron Diaz in the November issue of Marie Claire. At least that’s what Marie Claire wants you to believe. I know Cameron Diaz and that is not what Cameron Diaz looks like. They might as well have photoshopped her black.

Cameron Diaz is still in a bikini

Bikini Pics /

Cameron Diaz bikini pics!
(Antibes, France – 7/25)

Here’s Cameron Diaz still on vacation with Benji Madden in Antibes earlier this week. Sorry, Benji, you’re about twenty years too late from being able to brag about this: “You’re fucking the hot chick from The Mask? No way!” Now it’s more: “You’re fucking…

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