Tamara Ecclestone

Petra Ecclestone bikini pics! (Capri - 6/26)

It'd been almost two weeks since Tamara Ecclestone had been on a lavish vacation in the Mediterranean, so naturally she and sister Petra, who just gave birth a few months ago, chartered another ridiculously expensive yacht (the "Diamonds are Forever" @$475k/week) earlier this week. In related news, I stole a bunch of mini shampoos from the maid's cart at a local Holiday Inn, so my hair will be living like a king for the next month. Score!

*28 Ecclestone sister yacht pictures total in the gallery:

  • Petra Ecclestone Bikini Body
  • Tamara Ecclestone New Boob Job
  • Tamara Ecclestone Saggy Boobs
  • Tamara Ecclestone Diamonds Are Forever Yacht
  • Petra Ecclestone Holding Her New Baby
  • Tamara Ecclestone On 200 Foot Benetti Yacht
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bottle Water
  • Petra Ecclestone Baby Lavinia Pictures
  • Tamara Ecclestone Holiday on Ponza Island
  • Tamara Ecclestone on yacht in Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Petra Ecclestone Bikini Boobs
  • Petra Ecclestone and Lavinia
  • Petra Ecclestone Kissing her Daughter
  • Tamara Ecclestone Superyacht Vacation
  • Petra Ecclestone on Superyacht Diamonds Are Forever
  • James Stunt Fat Ass
  • James Stunt Jet Skiing in Italy
  • Tamara Ecclestone Shopping in Corsica
  • Tamara Ecclestone Shopping in Capri
  • Ecclestone Sisters Spoiled
  • Tamara and Petra Spending Money
  • Jay Rutland and Tamara Ecclestone Shopping on Ponza Island
  • Tamara Ecclestone Shoulder Massage
  • Ecclestone Spoiled Bitches
  • Ecclestone Sisters Summer Vacation in Italy

Jay Rutland is loving life

Here's more of billionaire daddy's girl Tamara Ecclestone and her new husband Jay Rutland on their honeymoon, these pictures taken off the coast of Monaco yesterday. How much are you loving life right now if you're this Jay Rutland dude. He went from being a disgraced stockbrocker in debt to the British government for a couple hundred thousand pounds to a house husband who lounges on $100 million yachts all day long. He basically hit the marriage lottery. It's like the opposite of marrying a Lohan.

*26 Tamara and Jay honeymoon pictures total in the gallery:

  • Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland on Vacation
  • Tamara Ecclestone Lounging
  • Tamara Ecclestone Purple Bikini
  • Tamara Ecclestone Designer Bikini
  • Tamara Ecclestone on her Yacht
  • Tamara Ecclestone being serviced
  • Tamara Ecclestone Looking Down
  • Tamara Ecclestone Looking at the Paparazzi
  • Tamara Ecclestone Huge Fake Boobs
  • Tamara Ecclestone Big Boobies
  • Tamara Ecclestone Honeymoon Pictures
  • Tamara and Jay Vacationing
  • Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland in Love
  • Tamara Ecclestone Tig Ol Bitties
  • To Be Young and Rich
  • Tamara and her husband on yacht
  • Jay Rutland Holding Tamara Ecclestone
  • Tamara Ecclestone Side Boob
  • Jay Rutland in Swim Trunks
  • Jay Rutland Shirtless
  • Jay Rutland Gay Pics
  • Jay Rutland Lucky Bastard
  • Huge Yahct in South of France
  • Jay Rutland Doing the Titanic Scene
  • Jay Rutland Fixing his Hair

Tamara Ecclestone (and new husband Jay Rutland) on the Silver Angel Yacht in St. Tropez (6/13)

After spending north of $15 million on her wedding last weekend at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, spoiled little socialite Tamara Ecclestone is now lounging on the Silver Angel Yacht off of St. Tropez, which only costs $600k a week to charter. Honestly, I might as well have typed that last sentence in Russian, because none of that makes sense to me at all.

*20 Tamara Ecclestone bikini pictures total in the gallery:

  • Tamara Ecclestone Vacation Pictures
  • How Rich is Tamara Ecclestone
  • Tamara Ecclestone with Jay Rutland
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Body
  • Tamara Ecclestone Weird Body
  • The Massive Yacht of Tamara Ecclestone
  • Tamara Ecclestone on Yacht
  • Celebrities at Club 55 in St Tropez
  • Tamara Ecclestone on Silver Angel Yacht
  • Tamara Ecclestone Weird Body
  • Jay Rutland Douche
  • Is Jay Rutland Gay
  • Tamara Ecclestone in St Tropez
  • Tamara Ecclestone Club 55 St Tropez
  • Beautiful St Tropez
  • Celebrities at Club 55 in St Tropez
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Top
  • Tamara Ecclestone Swimsuit Pictures
  • Spoiled Socialite in St Tropez
  • Silver Angel Yacht

Tamara Ecclestone bikini pics! (Miami - 3/14)

Tamara Ecclestone is the daughter of billionaire Formula One owner Bernie Ecclestone, and there she is in a bikini yesterday in Miami. Wikipedia says she studied but did not complete courses at the London School of Economics and University College London, probably because she realized her dad is worth three billion dollars and spoils her like crazy (she just listed one of her London homes for $32 million; she purchased another for $73 million in 2010 and did a $20 million renovation), so what the fuck is she doing going to class every day. I may sound like I'm jealous but I'm actually not. My girlfriend may not be as rich as her, but my girlfriend also doesn't have ridiculous-looking fake tits that look like the handiwork of a back-alley surgeon in Tijuana. "Hold on, let me just finish my cerveza before we get started on the procedure."

*30 Tamara Ecclestone bikini pictures total in the gallery:

  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 1
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 2
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 3
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 4
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 5
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 6
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 7
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 8
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 9
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 10
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 11
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 12
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 13
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 14
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 15
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 16
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 17
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 18
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 19
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 20
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 21
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 22
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 23
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 24
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 25
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 26
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 27
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 28
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 29
  • Tamara Ecclestone Bikini 30

Paparazzi photos from Friday, January 13

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*127 paparazzi pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 17
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  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 19
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 20
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 21
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 22
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 23
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 24
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 25
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 26
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 27
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 28
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 29
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 30
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 31
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 32
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 33
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 34
  • Erin Heatherton Gansevoort Hotel 35

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