Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is not only the biggest sporting event of the year in North America it's also the biggest single day betting event.  Sports books worldwide get their highest single day betting revenue on Super Bowl Sunday and most of it doesn't come from 'wise guys'.   The majority of Super Bowl betting comes from low rolling recreational players, some of whom don't bet at any other time during the year.

To get as much money from these recreational bettors as possible sports books have dreamed up countless ways to wager on the Super Bowl.  In addition to side, total and moneyline bets there are a wide array of proposition bets involving every imaginable play or statistic that might occur during the game.  They haven't forgotten about non-sports fans either--a growing number of Super Bowl proposition bets involve entertainment and celebrities.

The halftime show is often the subject of proposition wagers and has been since U2 played at the halftime of the 2002 Super Bowl.  Sports books offered bets on which songs U2 would play and which song they would open their performance with (they opened with 'Beautiful Day').  Some halftime shows offer more imaginative betting opportunities than others--like Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl performance when bettors could wager on whether or not she'd have a 'wardrobe malfunction' a la Janet Jackson.

Other proposition bets address subjects that are more often discussed in Advertising Age or Variety than in the sports world.  One bet offered by almost every sportsbook asks the bettor to predict whether the final TV rating on the game will be 'Over' or 'Under' a certain amount.  More recently sports books have leveraged the popularity of the commercials shown during the Super Bowl broadcast for betting options that involve picking which one will be ranked highest in the annual USA TODAY poll.

Since the Super Bowl is a popular event for celebrities to attend there are a number of prop bets that ask whether or not certain celebrities will be shown on the TV broadcast or in some cases offer an 'Over/Under' bet on how many times they'll be shown.  With a huge TV audience that includes many 'casual' football fans the networks make sure that they don't get too involved with the X's and O's and give celebrities some air time.

With the number and scope of proposition bets that can be offered limited only by the bookmaker's imagination you can expect even more variety in years to come.  Sports books have found that the more betting options they offer the more money they make so they'll make sure to keep it interesting!

Bar Refaeli's Super Bowl commercial

Presenting the most "gee, no shit" piece of news about Bar Refaeli's Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy, via The Daily Mail:
Jesse Heiman kisses stunning model Bar Refaeli in a new Superbowl commercial - that took 65 takes to get right.
65 takes? Gee, no shit.