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Ryan Phillippe finally sold his house

Good: Ryan Phillippe sold his house in the Hollywood Hills that's been trying to unload forever for $6 million. Bad: For $1.175 million less than he paid for it 2008 (not to mention the hundreds of thousands he put into the place). From the L.A. Times:
With a master suite that takes up an entire level, the gated five-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom house contains 7,600 square feet of living space. Among its features are a gym, a media room and separate guest or office space. The more than half an acre of grounds includes a swimming pool with underwater speakers, a spa and an outdoor kitchen. Stressing the privacy and security of the "Zen-modern retreat," listing details note that the two-story entry hall was used as a gym.
Hey, what's a man to do, right? I understand that for you po' folk, a million+ dollars is a fair amount of scratch to lose, but we one percenters have the confidence and talent to laugh this sort of thing off. Take Ryan Phillippe, for example. He has the guts to star in one weird indie flick after another, bangs college sophomores exclusively, and had the melons to dump Oscar-winning Reese Witherspoon when she was still hot (before her chin grew larger than the national debt), so you know this kid has no fear . . . well, that or he has no regards for his future. Some guys are just stupid like that.

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Ryan Phillippe and Paulina Slagter out and about in Hollywood (4/28)

I've finally figured out the reason Ryan Phillippe is dating 20-year-old Paulina Slagter, a woman 17 years younger than him. There. It's to the right, in spandex. Ryan Phillippe is a fucking genius.

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Paparazzi photos from Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18

Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend Paulina Slagter leaving Ralphs in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Katy Perry leaving Public nightclub in London (pics start here)

Actors Joshua Bowman and Emily Van Camp (Revenge) shopping in L.A. (pics start here)

Jennifer Love Hewitt shopping in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Alessandra Ambrosio arriving to the Lakers vs. Timberwolves game at The Staples Center in L.A. (pics start here)

Jack Black shopping at Tom's Toys in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Charlize Theron at The Human Rights Campaign 2012 Gala at the Marriott in L.A. (pics start here)

Elizabeth Berkley out and about in Brentwood (pics start here)

Chelsea Handler out and about in Brentwood (pics start here)

Ashton Kutcher leaving the Kabbalah center in L.A. (pics start here)

Jessica Alba taking her daughter Haven to a doctor's check up in L.A. (pics start here)

Rihanna shopping at Whole Foods in New York (pics start here)

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler out and about in New York (pics start here)

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Ryan Phillippe and Paulina Slatger leaving Hugo's restaurant in West Hollywood (12/22)

I'd like to think that if I was famous, I'd act exactly like Ryan Phillippe and starting mowing down chicks barely out of high school. From Life & Style:
Life & Style can confirm that the 37-year-old actor is dating a 20-year old model and actress named Paulina Slagter; the two were spotted having lunch together in West Hollywood this week. "Paulina was on Entourage, and she's trying to do more acting," an insider tells Life & Style. "She's always auditioning and doing modeling."

Although the source says Ryan has been seeing Paulina for a while, don't expect him to settle down with her any time soon. "It's nothing serious, it's just another girl," the source says.
Oh yeah, now we're speaking my language. Kids, we have to support this Ryan Phillippe fella. The man is living the American dream -- the dream of course being the banging of 20-year-olds when you're 37. The only thing better is banging 20-year-olds when your older than 37. Ryan's had it all: blonde, brunette, redhead -- even overrated Oscar winning pussy -- but nothing beats vag that's barely legal. Don't know what I'm talking about? OK, picture this: imagine you have a fresh glazed doughnut. Now try to squeeze a bowling pin through it. That's what a 20-year-old's vagina feels like. At least that's what it felt like when I was 14. What, you thought I only recently became a badass?

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Ryan Phillippe leaving Cafe Constant in Paris (4/3)

You hear that? You hear that faint noise? That's me playing Ryan Phillippe the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin. From the New York Post:
Ryan Phillippe says he wants to bow out of the harsh glare of acting and Los Angeles. Phillippe, who plays a photojournalist in "The Bang Bang Club," griped about the paparazzi culture. "It's so hard to goout in LA. I'm going to move," he told us at La Bottega the other night. "I'm going to spend a third of my year in New York." He said brokers have been showing him places in SoHo and, "I think I'm going to end my acting career. I'm so introverted. I'm ready to be behind the scenes. I'm 36, but I've been doing this for 20 years."

He said he is also tired of being tabloid fodder, probably because of his eventful love life. "I'm a good guy," he pleaded to us at the Cinema Society after-party for his film. "I'm not that guy you read about."
Oh you poor poor baby Ryan. I feel absolutely horrible for someone in your situation. I know I'd never want to become a world-famous multimillionaire who has to literally fight off blowjobs from hot 18-year-olds on a nightly basis. Yeah, that sounds like a terrible life. Tell you what dude, why don't I do you a favor and switch places with you. I'll live in your mansion and you can live in my mom's basement with all of the privacy, seclusion, and hand lotion a guy could wish for. Seriously, fuck you.

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Ryan Phillippe is just a wee bit drunk

Ryan Phillippe was spotted leaving London's Amika nightclub on Saturday morning, and boy, he sure does look tired. They must have a private gym in one of the back rooms.

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Alexis Knapp out and about in L.A. (3/10)

After splitting from girlfriend Abbie Cornish last summer, Ryan Phillippe was linked to model/actress (i.e. waitress) Alexis Knapp. People is confirming today that the two definitely had sexual intercourse:
Alexis Knapp, an actress who dated Phillippe last summer, is pregnant and, a source says, "Alexis has told friends that the child is Ryan's."

The baby is said to be due in June.

Reps for Knapp and Phillippe did not have any comment. But the source tells PEOPLE that "Ryan is aware of the situation [and] totally prepared to take responsibility should the child be his."
It's a little messed up that this chick went to the media first instead of Ryan. She could have at least sent him one of those fruit bouquets. That's what I do with all my ex-girlfriends. I'm a gentleman like that. And if a little RU-486 accidentally gets hidden in the chocolate strawberries, so be it. It's all part of God's plan.

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Angel McCord leaving the Newsroom Cafe in L.A. (9/24)

Ryan Phillippe and the less-famous McCord sister (Angel) are occasionally hooking up, you know, in case you were just *dying* to know what those two have been up to lately. Yup, definitely having sexual relations. From the New York Post:
It might be more than friendship for Ryan Phillippe and Angel McCord, the newly single sister of "90210" sexpot AnnaLynne McCord. Sources say they met at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in LA where Angel was AnnaLynne's date. The trio sat at the same table, and a source says the two have been cozy ever since. "It isn't anything too serious, considering Ryan seems to be dating every young blonde in town," a source said. Angel's rep denied a serious relationship.
Why would AnnaLynne go out with her sister and Ryan Phillipe? The only way she'd hook up with Angel is if I was dreaming, and she'd never hook up with Ryan because he possesses the one thing she isn't looking for in a mate -- a penis. If AnnaLynne was so set on abstaining from sex, she should have just gone out with a person that has absolutely no chance of getting laid: a celebrity blogger.

I'm so lonely.

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Ryan Phillippe on the set of The Lincoln Lawyer in Hollywood (7/13)

I know what you're thinking: "Ryan Phillippe forgot to zip up his fly -- he must have just gotten a blowjob or something ha ha." And you know what? All kidding aside, you're exactly right. He just got blown. If you're fabulously wealthy and ridiculously good-looking, Hollywood streets are actually paved with blowjobs. It's one reason I refuse to step foot in that town. I will not violate my girlfriend's trust by being attacked and blown by an aspiring model. Not again.

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Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish at the 1st Annual Celebration For Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) (1/28)

When you break up someone's marriage (in this case, Reese Witherspoon's), you really can't be surprised when your boyfriend eventually starts cheating on you. From the National Enquirer:
Ryan Phillippe was a Voyeur nightclub on Feb 4. -- WITHOUT girlfriend Abbie Cornish. And he definitely was not on his best behavior! The "Crash" actor hung out in the smoking section, chatting with a gorgeous brunette in a red dress. He even got her number. (Print Edition - 2/22)
Oh what a shock:
It's over between actress Abbie Cornish and boyfriend Ryan Phillippe, her spokesperson confirms to People exclusively.

"Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home," the rep tells People. On Sunday, the actress was spotted removing her belongings from the house she shared with Phillippe while he was running errands and toy shopping with children Ava and Deacon.
Abbie has only herself to blame for this entire situation. When she decided to date an actor more famous for cheating on his wife than for his on-screen accomplishments, she should have known he wouldn't be faithful. If Abbie wants to make sure she's never betrayed by another man, she should just do what Katie Holmes did -- marry a guy that's repulsed by other women.

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