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Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie was worried her nude scene in Wolf of Wall Street would end up all over the internet. Nah, no way that'll ever happen . . . by the way, be sure to click through this gallery of Margot Robbie's nude scene from Wolf of Wall Street. The actress told Britain's LOOK magazine:
"[Nudity is] different in this day and age, because of the internet. It was like, if I do this there will forever be YouTube clips of this, there will be slow-motion versions. It's not just the repercussions for myself - my brothers and my grandparents have to deal with that. So it's not something to be taken lightly."
Wait, the information superhighway is littered with countless rest stops dedicated to . . . <<whispering>> . . .  celebrity nudie pics and videos?? Now why would Margot think of a thing like that? Oh, maybe it's the millions of celebrity nudie pics and videos available on the web. Hell, the first risque video ever uploaded was of Madonna sitting on a Victorian dildo chair in full view of a platoon of Marines back in '45 (it was part of the VE Day celebration if memory serves). Since Margot has a problem with her goods being broadcast online, she should take it up with Al Gore since he invented the damn thing. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Al posted that particular Madonna video himself (he's into weird shit, I hear).

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Margot Robbie at the 71st Annual Golden Globes at The Beverly Hilton Hotel (1/12)

Note to Joaquin Phoenix: If you want to nail Margot Robbie, she's all yours. The Wolf of Wall Street star told Extra:
"[I like] rugged [men]. I kind like pony tails, beards, maybe a tattoo." She added, "You know, my massive obsession -- I'm really targeting a niche market here -- a hair lip."

Margot then revealed she has a crush on Joaquin Phoenix. "We were at rehearsals yesterday for [the Globes], because I'm presenting, and they put everyone's cardboard cut-outs on their seats. His was there and I walked past it and was like 'Oh hey Joaquin' and sat down, put my arm around him, gave him a little kiss."
Of course Joaquin Phoenix can nail Margot, he's sort of a big deal in Tinseltown. This guy not only played Emperor Commodus in Gladiator, but he also channeled the great Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. Once Joaquin felt that he was too big in this town he tried to derail his career for the sake of artistic integrity like an insane boss -- at least that's how I saw it, so sure, he can make claim on any actress' taco he wants. Margot should not only want to lay down and accept the Phoenix seed, she should demand it . . . although I doubt Joaquin would want to go somewhere that a hack like Will Smith has been.

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Margot Robbie nude in The Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie is one of the breakout stars of The Wolf of Wall Street (fucking loved it despite the presence of Jonah Hill) thanks in part to her amazing full-frontal nude scenes. Rather than this being a case of a naive young actress falling victim to a pervert director (Martin Scorsese), Margot actually insisted on going naked for the scenes. God bless you, fine young woman. God bless you to hell. Margot admitted in a an interview:
"There were points when Marty said, 'You can wear a dressing gown here', but I insisted that wouldn't make sense. My character would stand there naked. I felt the story needed to be confronted."
Now this is a star in the making, folks. To be honest, I've grown tired of the modern Hollywood goody-two-shoes era. I think Julia Roberts was the spoilsport who decided that women should keep their clothes on in movies, which stunted the careers of really talented -- i.e. big tittied -- women like Charisma Carpenter and Yasmine Bleeth. Hopefully, brave Margot ushers in a new wave of hot women who don't have a problem with full frontal nudity, to hell with dignity. Let's go ahead and show the headlights, perhaps a little bush, and maybe one day there will be a time when we'll see a PG-13 movie with a shot of the balloon knot. Let's do it not only for artistic freedom, but as a way to show the terrorists that America will never bow to their demands. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna wrap myself in Old Glory, eat a steak with my hands, and set off some fireworks.

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Margot Robbie at the premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street in New York (12/17)

It's been rumored that Will Smith has been hooking up with his Focus co-star Margot Robbie for a while now, and the two definitely weren't quieting the rumors over the weekend in New York. A big Hollywood actor might be cheating on his wife? Well I never! From the New York Daily News:
Our spy saw the pair together at "Sleep No More" at the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea. "They were trying to hide behind the masks everyone has to wear, but you could tell it was them. They walked arm in arm through the show," says our source. Robbie, 23, of "The Wolf of Wall Street," and the married Smith, 45, are shooting a rom-com,"Focus."
Wait, isn't Will Smith supposed to be America's Boy Scout? He's been Mr. Niceguy ever since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and [INSERT FORGETTABLE MOVIE HERE], but there's nothing nice about humiliating his wife and kids -- not that I can blame him. Jada Pinkett is still pretty hot, but she's like 50 now and getting to nail 23-year-old poon is something that even cornball Will can't resist. Jada's gonna have to take it in stride and hope that maybe this is just her husband's way of injecting some Scientology doctrine into a fresh, young actress. Praise Xenu.

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Margot Robbie on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street in New York (9/25)

It was rumored last month that Leonardo DiCaprio was banging his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie, and now the New York Post says Leo was seen leaving Margot's apartment building early in the morning last week. Maybe they were studying lines . . . nakedly.
Leonardo DiCaprio had been rumored to be getting cozy with his beautiful "Wolf of Wall Street" co-star Margot Robbie, but sources tell us they may be getting more serious. A spy spotted DiCaprio at Robbie's apartment building in Union Square on Thursday night, and Leo was seen leaving the next morning. "He stayed overnight," a source told us.

Robbie's rep didn't get back to us. A rep for DiCaprio said, "That didn't happen. Leo worked late and stayed home."
Sure, things are getting serious . . . for Margot. While she's making sweet, sweet love to her (fingers crossed) future husband, Leo is thinking about the night before when he went balls deep into another co-star not named "Margot." I just hope that Margot doesn't take her future dumping personally. Once you've accepted DiCaprio's DNA all over your face and chest, you've instantly become an elite member of whatever it is that you do. Case in point: Bar Refaeli. Before Leo discovered her vagina, she was selling falafel outside a Tel Aviv McDonald's. Now she's the best thing to come out of the Middle East since Jesus (some would argue that she's been No.1 for a while). Take comfort in that fact, Marge. Your salary will triple after Leo changes his locks.

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  • Robbie DiCaprio Hookup 22
  • Robbie DiCaprio Hookup 23
  • Robbie DiCaprio Hookup 24
  • Robbie DiCaprio Hookup 25

Margot Robbie shopping in New York (10/3)

Is Leo DiCaprio now banging his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie? Sure, why not. From the New York Post:
Newly single Leonardo DiCaprio headed to Las Vegas [last] weekend to celebrate billionaire businessman Jho Low's birthday -- and was spotted with his "The Wolf of Wall Street" co-star Margot Robbie.

DiCaprio, who just broke up with Victoria's Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton, and stunning blonde Australian actress Robbie, who plays Leo's love interest Naomi Lapaglia in the Martin Scorsese-directed movie, appeared close at the party at the Wynn Las Vegas on Saturday night.

One witness said, "There looks to be some strong chemistry between Leo and his leading lady. They spent a lot of time at the party together."
How gentlemanly by Leo to give Margot a chance even though she hasn't walked down a runway in her life. Maybe if Margot gets real lucky, Leo will let her give him a blowjob on the first date. *fingers crossed*

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  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 9
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 10
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 11
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 12
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 13
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 14
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 15
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 16
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 17
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 18
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 19
  • Leo DiCaprio Margot Robbie 20

Margot Robbie

Actress Margot Robbie (Pan Am) at a New Year's Eve party at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas (12/31)

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