Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan in a thong

Earlier this week Nick Hogan became the first official male victim of the celebrity phone hacking scandal. I know, right? What a terrible thing to happen to such a likable guy. I'm not gonna post his dick pics (just search Google for "Nick Hogan microphallus"), but I will post these of his mom. Yup, Nick Hogan actually had these pictures of his mom in a thong saved on his phone. Hulk wants to fuck Brooke. Nick wants to fuck Linda. It's like an episode of Flavor of Love, but they're all related.

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Linda Hogan and Charley Hill in Malibu last year

Camelot is no more. 52-year-old Linda Hogan and 23-year-old Charley Hill have called off their engagement. Is this the end of love as we know it? Via the New York Daily News:
Linda announced on Facebook Tuesday: "Ok... My status has changed. I am now single. After the great therapy we had together and time to think and concentrate on who we are and who we want to be, Charley and I decided that we should each travel through life in different directions."

Linda Hogan and Hill, who is one year younger than the Hogans' daughter Brooke, began dating four years ago and revealed their engagement in 2010. Though the couple was set to be married last summer on Linda Hogan’s yacht Alimony, the pair opted to go to therapy instead, a decision that they spoke about on VH1’s "Couples Therapy."
Aw, this makes me sad. If a relationship as strong as Linda Hogan and Charley Hill couldn't make it, then what hope is there for the rest of us? The timing couldn't be worse for Charley. Who's gonna give him a ride to the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree? It's in West Virginia next year, and he's up to receive the coveted David Gest merit badge AND a Kevin Federline patch. Hmm, maybe Rue Mcclanahan can give him a ride if she's not too busy.

UPDATE: Rue McClanahan is busy being dead. My bad.

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Linda Hogan (aka Queen Succubus)

Jesus, I don't even like Hulk Hogan (I'm more of a Rowdy Roddy Piper guy myself), but even I feel bad hearing about his divorce settlement with ex-wife Linda Hogan, details of which have finally been released. From the St. Petersburg Times:
Linda Bollea, 52, who divorced Hulk Hogan in 2009, received a little more than 70 percent of the couple's liquid assets in their divorce settlement, a recent court filing shows.

In addition, Hogan, 58, the semiretired professional wrestler whose real name is Terry Bollea, agreed to give his ex-wife 40 percent ownership in his various companies and pay her an additional $3 million "property settlement," according to the filing.

Details from the settlement show Linda Bollea received $7.44 million of the couple's $10.41 million that was held in bank and investment accounts. Terry Bollea got the remaining $2.97 million.

However, he will not have to pay his ex-wife alimony.
Let this be a lesson to all the famous, wealthy, iconic celebrities out there: NEVER get married. Why sacrifice so much of your fortune for a piece of ass that's going to get old and ungrateful? The bottom line is that if you're as smooth as someone like me or the Hulk, you don't need to put a ring on a chick's finger to get her to sleep with you. Just buy her flowers sometimes, take her out for an occasional nice dinner, and don't be late when you pick her up from high school.

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Charlie Hill and Linda Hogan split up

Great news 18-19-year-olds: Linda Hogan is single! The Hulk's ex-wife had been dating Charlie Hill since 2008, shortly after he graduated from high school. No, really, she was 48 at the time and he was 19. Well she's 52 now and definitely not getting any younger, so to the curb young man! An insider told The Enquirer:
"Linda got sick and tired of telling Charlie to get a job and kicked him out. And her friends and family are thrilled that the slacker is gone. Linda had high hopes for Charlie at first, but a VH1 reality show pitch about her life after Hulk and relationship with a man almost 30 years younger went nowhere."

"In the end, all she got with Charlie was a big mooch and a lot bigger waistline!" said the insider. Linda, who starred in the VH1 series "Hogan Knows Best," added 40 pounds to her 5-foot-8 frame in the past few years, and now tips the scales at 180, revealed the insider.

These days, Linda "is complaining that she's out of money and needs a wealthy man who can treat her in the manner she was accustomed to. She wants to start a new life. She's determined to lose weight and find a good, rich man closer to her age."
Good luck Linda in your search for a man to treat you in the manner you were "accustomed to." Guys with money don't want over-the-hill women -- if they did, they'd have stayed with their first wife. The reality is that guys with cash want exactly what Linda had the last few years -- a young piece of ass that makes their exes jealous. Of course, that strategy doesn't always work out . . .*

*See: Simpson, Nicole Brown

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That's a man, baby

Pacific Coast News says that's Linda Hogan (and Brooke) leaving the CNN building yesterday, but I'm pretty sure they're wrong. I know a tranny when I see one. Look, even Brooke is uncomfortable.

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Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill out and about in Century City (7/15)

Oh look, Nick Hogan's 50-year-old mom is still dating his old high school buddy Charlie. Honestly, I didn't think these two would make it past January of this year, what with Charlie filling out all of his college applications. I mean, that can be such a stressful time. But she stuck with him. Maybe she'll even move with him to school. Hopefully his dorm allows visitors past 10 PM!

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Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill leaving Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood (9/12)

In case you care, Linda Hogan's still dating that dude that went to school with her son. In even creepier news, . . . *crickets chirping* . . .

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Brooke Hogan shopping in Miami (5/18)

Hulk Hogan is pissed about the comments his estranged wife Linda made last week about their daughter Brooke. And . . . and . . . I don't even know what to say about these people anymore. They're all horrible, horrible people. From Life & Style:
"I can’t believe Linda would do this," the former wrestling champ tells Life & Style exclusively. "She’s lost and needs help."

Hulk vehemently denies Linda’s claim that he was “rolling and smoking joints” with Brooke’s boyfriend, Stack, during one of Brooke’s recording sessions. “Absolutely not!” he shoots back. “Brooke is a clean-cut girl. She’s very open and honest.” In fact, Hulk suggests that Linda, who filed for divorce in 2007 after 24 years of marriage, is the one using drugs. Linda has said she’d happily submit to a drug test to prove otherwise. Hulk’s response? “If Linda says she’ll take a drug test, I say bring it, brother! It needs to be done, and she’ll fail it.”

In the meantime, he just wants Linda to stop attacking their little girl. “Brooke can’t have a relationship with her mother like this,” he tells Life & Style. “I hope one day Linda will grow up and be an adult like Brooke is. Linda has to reach to her level. One day, maybe.”
Has there ever been better evidence of Karma? At this point, about the only scandal involving this family that might be even remotely surprising would be if one of them were accused of nearly killing someone dating someone half their age finishing a book without pictures. Even the Manson Family thinks the Hogan Family are a bunch of monsters.

NOTE: It's obvious why Hulk is backing up his daughter: he's confusing her with his girlfriend.

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Linda Hogan is fucking crazy

The Hogan Family feud just got stepped up a notch. And Brooke Hogan better watch the fuck out. Because if she doesn't shut up and stop lying every time she opens her mouth, she'll be facing the lyrical bullets of her mom's boyfriend Charley Hill. From OK!:
The Hogan family has been going back and forth lately, with Brooke Hogan laying accusations of drug use at her mother Linda Hogan's door. Linda then responded by saying her daughter had breast implants, among other things: "[If] Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father's lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, [Linda's new boyfriend] will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called 'Redemption' which will easily surpass any of Brooke's records sales."
I've heard a lot of crazy shit in my day but threatening to turn your boyfriend into a pop star has to be near the top. I just hope Brooke doesn't take this threat too lightly. Just imagine if Charley suddenly had an album for sale on iTunes. She might literally die.

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Brooke Hogan at her 21st birthday celebration at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas (5/5)

Linda Hogan was persona non grata at Brooke Hogan's 21st birthday dinner last week at Spago restaurant in Las Vegas. Celebrating the occasion was Brooke's father Hulk, brother Nick, and boyfriend Stack$. Ouch Linda, that's gotta hurt. A dude with a dollar sign in his name was invited to the dinner and you weren't. A source told Fox News:
"Linda was really, really hurt. But Brooke has sided with her father in all of this, she was adamant about not celebrating with her mom or extending an invitation."

Following dinner, Brooke partied with (and couldn’t keep her hands off) her beau inside PURE nightclub while typically protective Hulk looked on disapprovingly.
I'd hate to be in Brooke's position here, having to choose between feuding parents. On one side you have the Hulk, a dude who's dating basically a slightly older version of you. On the other side you have Linda, a woman who's dating basically a slightly taller version of your brother. They're both horrible, horrible people. It'd be like if you were playing basketball at the park and picking teams and the only two people left were Hitler and Pol Pot. I mean, obviously you'd pick Pol Pot because Hitler can't go to his left but I think you get my point.

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