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Paparazzi photos from Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3

Lauren Conrad arriving at the Cotton 24 Hour Runway in Miami (pics start here)

Kelly Ripa shopping in New York (pics start here)

Portia de Rossi leaving a gym in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Elizabeth Banks leaving Trader Joe's in Studio City (pics start here)

Jessica Chastain on her way to the Viktor & Rolf show during Paris Fashion Week (pics start here)

Eva Longoria leaving the Ken Paves Salon in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Miranda Kerr arriving on a flight at LAX airport (pics start here)

Fergie leaving her sister Dana's bridal shower at The Ivy in Santa Monica (pics start here)

Actress Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead) leaving her hotel in New York (pics start here)

Jessica Alba shopping in Paris (pics start here)

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield out and about in New York (pics start here)

Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend Georgia Jones arriving to the Slash concert at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland (pics start here)

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Lauren Conrad in the November issue of Allure

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Lauren Conrad arriving on a flight at LAX airport (8/1)

You can tell that Lauren Conrad is important because she walks around with a cell phone in each hand. Not even President Obama carries a cell phone in each hand. Therefore, Lauren Conrad is more important than President Obama. You can't argue with logic, people.

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Lauren Conrad is sensitive

Lauren Conrad admits in the new issue of Glamour that it's taken years for her to recover from some unflattering bikini shots that were taken of her in Mexico years ago. That poor poor thing. I'm sure a lot of vets that served in Iraq and Afghanistan can sympathize with her horrific flashbacks. Via Global Grind:
Lauren Conrad has come a long way since her days as the mall-shopping teen on Laguna Beach. And now she has found her way from The Hills to the cover of Glamour Magazine, but lost her shirt along the way. LC is featured on the cover of the women's magazine in nothing but a pair of underoos, but still manages to make the cover a classy one. A nude Conrad on the cover may come as a surprise to most, as the reality TV star has previously been extremely public about her struggles with body image that have kept her from suiting up in a two-piece and hitting the sunny beaches of L.A.

Check out the excerpt from the Glamour interview below:

On unflattering paparazzi shots taken in Mexico keeping her from hitting the beaches of Los Angeles in a bikini for years: "It was really nasty. I took it very personally, and I have not [been comfortable} in a bathing suit in Los Angeles for years because of it."
Meh. Lauren is worried about what? Being a plain Jane? There are more important things to worry about than your boring ass, Lauren. Things like global warming and race relations in America for starters. Hell, I worry more about having the proper ratio of red to blue M&M'S than I do about Lauren. Wait a sec, now that I'm thinking about it . . . why am I writing about Lauren Conrad? The Hills was cancelled, like, 10 years ago and she hasn't followed up with anything that's entertained me since, which means she's a nobody again. I'll put it to you people this way: If a sinkhole opened up in Laguna Beach and only swallowed Lauren, the story would be "Two Talentless Voids Meet, Combine Powers." Is that too mean? Trick question, I don't care.

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Lauren Conrad leaving Tru nightclub in West Hollywood (10/17)

I know what you're thinking: Who hooked up with Chace Crawford? Chace is pretty cool (he got caught with a joint last year in Texas and was lucky they didn't execute him), but Lauren might be the most boring celebrity in Hollywood. I'm still not quite sure why she's famous (I'm pretty sure she scammed the Make-A-Wish Foundation to star on The Hills). From Us Weekly:
Lauren Conrad recently split with Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough, but she’s not wasting any time moving on to her next guy. A source tells Us Weekly that Conrad was spotted "making out" with Chace Crawford on Oct. 29.

Conrad and the Gossip Girl star kicked off their night of flirting at an L.A. nightclub and later connected at a party at actor Shawn Pyfrom's house.

"There's always been an attraction between them," an insider tells Us of the longtime pals. "[But] Lauren is just enjoying herself. She's not taking anything too seriously!"
Watch out for these two, world. The water broke and the placenta is dripping, and you know what that means: we're bearing witness to the birth of Hollywood's next great power couple. We all know that great things come in twos: Brad and Angelina, Sofia Vergara's tits, Disney child stars and cocaine -- but this mighty union is gonna rock Tinseltown like nothing we've seen. Get ready to take one in the tailpipe America, because when these two get together, the Teen Choice Awards will the same again (Oops, I shat myself when I said EEEEVEER).

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Lauren Conrad at the HTC Status Social launch event at Paramount Studios in L.A. (7/19)

It's official: Lauren Conrad has way too much money and is just looking for ways to waste it now. I'll get you for this MTV! If it's the last thing I do! From the Chicago Sun Times:
Don’t think Sprinkles needs to worry, but Lauren Conrad continues to build her business empire — beyond her successful fashion lines — with plans to open cupcake shops.
Seeing Lauren branch off into other entrepreneurial endeavors has got to be an inspiration for millions of young women everywhere. It just goes to show all of the enterprising ladies out there that with hard work blonde hair, determination perfect teeth, and a "can do attitude" rich parents, you too can accomplish all of your hopes and dreams.

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Famous author Lauren Conrad

Wait a minute, April Fool's Day was last week. I'm . . . I'm confused. From Us Weekly:
Lauren Conrad -- whose debut teen novel, L.A. Candy, hit No. 1 on a New York Times bestseller list -- just scored another three-book deal with HarperCollins, she tells exclusively. Called The Fame Game, the Hills alum's upcoming trilogy is set in the reality TV universe, and features Madison Parker, an ambitious, ruthless character from the L.A. Candy series who's ready to become a star in her own right.

"We took the mean girl of the [L.A. Candy books], spinning her off" Conrad, 25, tells Us of The Fame Game's tough protagonist Madison. "This series is about a girl who loves everything that fame is, and that's all she's ever really wanted. [Madison] has fun with the press, she enjoys the attention, she welcomes scandal!"\
Her last book hit No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list? Who the hell is buying this crap? I thought the audience she catered to didn't have time to read because they were too busy watching vampire movies, shopping at the mall, and listening to Miley Cyrus music. It just goes to show that if you're constantly on TV, the public will buy almost anything you're selling -- unless your name is Meg Whitman.

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Lauren Conrad arriving at LAX airport (1/12)

Jesus, would it kill this chick to do something remotely interesting like release a sex tape or get a DUI? It's not like she has any dignity. She's a freaking reality star. From the New York Post:
Is Lauren Conrad hiding something about her love life? The star of "The Hills" is said to be secretly engaged to boyfriend Kyle Howard, whom she's been dating since 2008. But a source said, "She is not wearing a ring because she wants to hold the secret back for her new MTV show." Conrad, whose complicated romantic life was the focus of "The Hills," is working on a new show for MTV that's supposed to be more about her fashion line than her love life. Her rep declined to comment.
Typical. Rather than share with her friends and family how happy she is, Lauren has been told by her publicist to withhold the engagement news in order to generate higher ratings for her TV show. If Lauren really wants to generate viewership by focusing on her personal life, she should probably skip the wedding announcement and just stick a video camera in her shower. You know that's how Katharine Hepburn became famous, don't you? Oh yeah, it's a big industry secret. No one talks about it.

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Lauren Conrad leaving the Herve Leger boutique in West Hollywood (7/26)

Since The Hills ended earlier this year, MTV has found itself dangerously short on vacuous reality stars. Problem solved! From MTV:
"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad is returning to MTV with a new reality series, which will follow her as she builds a new fashion house from scratch.

"It's focusing on my career and all the things that I love to do," Lauren told MTV News of the new series. "I think it'll be a very different show [from 'The Hills']. That'll be nice."

Something else different about this, her third MTV reality series? She'll be one of the bosses! "This time around, I'm involved with producing," Lauren dished. "I love the style they want to film it in."

If returning to MTV wasn't homecoming enough, Lauren will also be working with several former "Hills" colleagues on her new series. "I'm excited because I get to work with some of my old crew, which is really cool," Lauren said. "I haven't gotten to see them in a while because they're all very busy people, but hopefully I'm going to get some familiar faces. I already have a couple of the guys from 'The Hills.'"
Didn't Lauren learn from her last dalliance (see here) into the fashion industry? No one wants to wear her clothes -- they just want to see her take them off. Lauren needs to realize that bubble-headed blondes only become titans of the fashion industry if they have posses one important quality: talent financial backing a dead gay brother.

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Lauren Conrad at a book-signing in Miami (2/10)

Remember when Lauren Conrad's first book LA Candy went to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List? Well she just released her second book earlier this month (!). And it's a best seller. In other news, scientists confirmed today that teenagers are fucking morons. Check out what Mavrix said about Lauren's book-signing on Wednesday in Miami:
Lauren Conrad looked extremely tired during her book signing at Books & Books in Coral Gables Florida tonight. Sipping on a red bull the Hills starlet looked as if she was going to fall into the table and sleep before guests arrived for signing. Her face was caked in thick foundation and powder that was no use against the bags under her eyes. The stress of her schedule is physically manifesting now as she is breaking out with acne, her posture is collapsing like a folding chair, and her eyes lack that twinkle that we love and anticipated. Lauren needs to sleep and hit a spa before she gets back on the road.
Congratulations, you just read something that's roughly ten-times deeper and more eloquent than anything Lauren Conrad has ever put to paper. If you are planning on buying Lauren's book, do me a favor. When you get it, turn to the start of Chapter 4 on page 37 (the chapter about lip gloss). Now give yourself a paper cut. I hate you.

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