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Background: Before marrying Kim Kardashian, Kanye West dated model Amber Rose for a few years. When she split with Kanye, she started dating Wiz Khalifa in 2011, had a kid with him in 2013, married him a few months later, and then filed for divorce a year later.

Anyways, Kanye and Wiz are fighting today on twitter and Kanye actually played the "You Fathered a Child with a Woman of Questionable Morals" card. Kanye West. Kim Kardashian's husband. That guy. See, this is why I'm convinced there's a parallel universe. This is clearly a version of Kanye that doesn't know what the hell's been going on on Earth for the past five years. LIFE PRO TIP: Don't question a man's love for a stripper when you married a porn star.

Kim Kardashian, via Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram

I bet in 30 years, when she looks like an expressionless burn victim, Kim Kardashian's gonna look back to this 2-3 year stretch without wrinkles and say it was all worth it, baby. Botox FTW!!!

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  • Kim Kardashian Botox Face 1
  • Kim Kardashian Botox Face 2
  • Kim Kardashian Botox Face 3
  • Kim Kardashian Botox Face 4
  • Kim Kardashian Botox Face 5

Kim Kardashian out and about in Studio City (11/9)

You probably didn't hear that Kim Kardashian gave birth to her son on Saturday because her slutty half-sisters are more famous that she is now. And since no one cares about her anymore, she had to name her son something ridiculous to generate headlines. Saint West. Kim Kardashian's son is a Saint. I hope this means he has divine powers. "Sorry ladies, I can't turn water into wine, but I can turn wine into date rape *wink*"

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  • Saint West 13
  • Saint West 14
  • Saint West 15
  • Saint West 16
  • Saint West 17
  • Saint West 18
  • Saint West 19
  • Saint West 20

Kim Kardashian's photoshop fitness program

Remember that naked photoshoot in the desert Kim Kardashian did earlier this year? The color photograph above is a screenshot from the filming of it for Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the black-and-white picture (more in the gallery) is what Kim posted to her website yesterday. Do the Kardashians have a photoshopper on staff or do they just contract it out on a per job basis?

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  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 1
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 2
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 3
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 4
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 5
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 6
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 7
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 8
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 9
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 10
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 11
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 12
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 13
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 14
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 15
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 16
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 17
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 18
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 19
  • Kim Kardashian Naked Desert 20

Abigail Ratchford does Kim Kardashian

Here's buxom Instagram model Abigail Ratchford recreating Kim Kardashian's infamous Paper mag cover for her new calendar. I like Abigail's version better because she actually has a soul. Adds a lot of depth to the picture.

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  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 2
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 3
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  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 6
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 7
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 8
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 9
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 10
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 11
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 12
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 13
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 14
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 15
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 16
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 17
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 18
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 19
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 20
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 21
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 22
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 23
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 24
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 25
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 26
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 27
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 28
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 29
  • Abigail Ratchford Paper Mag 30

Paparazzi photos from Tuesday, November 10

Kim Kardashian shopping in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Selena Gomez at Glamour's 25th Anniversary Woman of the Year Awards in New York (pics start here)

Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster filming Younger at Central Park in New York (pics start here)

Mischa Barton leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Kirsten Dunst leaving Starbucks in Studio City (pics start here)

Elizabeth Banks arriving on a flight at LAX airport (pics start here)

Emmy Rossum and her fiance Sam Esmail out and about in L.A. (pics start here)

Demi Lovato leaving a meeting in London (pics start here)

Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson leaving their hotel in New York (pics start here)

Cote de Pablo at a screening of The 33 at AFI Fest in L.A. (pics start here)

Maggie Gyllenhaal on the set of The Deuce in New York (pics start here)

Model Martha Hunt out and about in New York (pics start here)

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  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 1
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 2
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 3
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 4
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 5
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 6
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 7
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 8
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 9
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 10
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 11
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 12
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 13
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 14
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 15
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 16
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 17
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 18
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 19
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 20
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 21
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 22
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 23
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 24
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 25
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 26
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 27
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 28
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 29
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 30
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 31
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 32
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 33
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 34
  • Kim K Torpedo Stomach 35
Kim Kardashian is this vain

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her and Kanye West a few days ago to Instagram, but then quickly deleted it and reposted it a little bit later. Thanks to the power of the save button, we now know exactly how vain this bitch is: roughly, a quarter of an inch. Kim, there's no need to photoshoot away such minor imperfections in your photo under the false assumption that we'll all think less of you. We couldn't possibly think less of you, silly.


Paparazzi photos from Thursday, October 8

Kim Kardashian leaving a ballet class in Woodland Hills (pics start here)

Amal Clooney arriving for dinner at Roka restaurant in Mayfair, London (pics start here)

Alessandra Ambrosio leaving yoga class in Santa Monica (pics start here)

Jordana Brewster leaving Whole Foods in Brentwoods (pics start here)

Rita Ora arriving at Heathrow Airport in London (pics start here)

Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro on the set of Wizard of Lies on the Upper East Side in New York (pics start here)

Clint Eastwood leaving his hotel in New York (pics start here)

Zoe Saldana arriving at Soho House in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Cate Blanchett leaving her hotel in New York (pics start here)

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble arriving at LAX airport (pics start here)

Nicole Kidman leaving the Noel Coward Theatre in London after her performance in Photograph 51 (pics start here)

Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of FX's Fargo at the Arclight Cinemas Hollywood (pics start here)

*103 paparazzi pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 1
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 2
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 3
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 4
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 5
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 6
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 7
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 8
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 9
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 10
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 11
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 12
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 13
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 14
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 15
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 16
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 17
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 18
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 19
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 20
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 21
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 22
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 23
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 24
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 25
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 26
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 27
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 28
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 29
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 30
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 31
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 32
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 33
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 34
  • Kim Kardashian Round Mounds 35

Ice-T's wife Coco is 7 months pregnant (pic via her Instagram on Sunday). Kim Kardashian is also 7 months pregnant (pic of her leaving a studio yesterday). Thank you, God. Thank you for having a sense of humor.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West backstage for her System magazine shoot

Remember earlier when I feigned surprise that Kylie Jenner used her boobs to launch her new website? Well Kim Kardashian launched her new website, too. There will be no feigned surprise on this post. Expect vulva when her initial traffic surge dies down.

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  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 2
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 3
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 4
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 5
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 6
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 7
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 8
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 9
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 10
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 11
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 12
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 13
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 14
  • Kim Kardashian BTS Naked 15

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