Kelly Osbourne

Paparazzi pictures from Wednesday, November 20

Kelly Osbourne at the launch of the new Jaguar F-TYPE at Raleigh Studios Playa Vista in L.A. (pics start here)

Jennifer Love Hewitt visiting a friend in L.A. (pics start here)

JoJo at the premiere of G.B.F. in L.A. (pics start here)

Amanda Cerny doing a photoshoot at Venice Beach (pics start here)

Alessandra Ambrosio on the way to pick her daughter up from school in Santa Monica (pics start here)

Nicole Scherzinger at the Global Gift Gala at the ME Hotel in London (pics start here)

Emmy Rossum leaving Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Kelly Brook arriving to the grand opening of Steam & Rye in London (pics start here)

Ashley Tisdale leaving a gym in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Brazilian singer Fernanda Brandao launching her new fragrance Ginga in Berlin, Germany (pics start here)

Kristen Bell at the premiere of Frozen at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood (pics start here)

Kate Middleton leaving the charity Place2Be at Canary Wharf in London (pics start here)

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  • Kelly Osbourne Big Guns 22
  • Kelly Osbourne Big Guns 23
  • Kelly Osbourne Big Guns 24
  • Kelly Osbourne Big Guns 25
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  • Kelly Osbourne Big Guns 27
  • Kelly Osbourne Big Guns 28
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Kelly Osbourne slams Taylor Swift

For some reason Kelly Osbourne is trying to start a feud with Taylor Swift. Kelly, Taylor shits out more success in a morning than you'll ever achieve in your life on your own. Just stop it. From Star:
Star caught Kelly going on an off-camera tirade about the pop star. "She only dates people for press and is so hungry for attention." In 2011, Kelly slammed her for her supposed false modesty. "My biggest pet peeve about that she walks on stage in front of 25,000 people...and she still goes, 'Me? You're here for me?' Of course, you're Taylor Swift, get over it!" If Taylor runs out of mean boyfriends to sing about, she can always count on Kelly for inspiration! (Print Edition - 7/14)

Yeah, that Kelly Osbourne thinks that Taylor Swift just wants attention. At some point, someone in Kelly's entourage might want to let her know that had her name been anything but OSBOURNE, she'd be just another fugly chick with an appetite. Seriously, where does Kelly's confidence come from? Taylor Swift is goddam hot, one of music's biggest stars, can hold her own on TV, and she's not an asshole -- unlike Drag Queen Osbourne over there. Kelly, at your core you're just a reality star with a famous last name, so you and Kanye should hold your little Taylor-hating meetings behind closed doors and away from anyone with eyes and ears . . . or noses.

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Kelly Osbourne at her hotel in Sydney, Australia (4/27)

Kelly Osbourne makes a living criticizing celebrities on E!'s Fashion Police, yet there she is in Sydney, Australia over the weekend wearing that. Cool, I knew they made bikinis in XL, and XXL sizes, but I didn't know they also made them in "TENT."

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  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 6
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 7
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 8
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 9
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 10
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 11
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 12
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 13
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 14
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 15
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 16
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 17
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 18
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 19
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 20
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 21
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 22
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 23
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 24
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 25
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 26
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 27
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 28
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 29
  • Kelly Osbourne Chubby Bikini 30

Kelly Osbourne arriving on a flight at LAX airport (7/7)

Kelly Osbourne was spotted with a huge black eye over the weekend as she was exiting a flight from London at LAX. She tweeted:
"Thank you so much Delta 4 this wonderful black eye Fix your fucking seats Getting smashed in the face w/ a tv is so fun"
I think we can literally all relate to sitting first class on a transcontinental flight from Europe and being assaulted by the hedge fund manager sitting in front of you. Finally, someone was able to muster enough courage to complain about it so openly. God speed, Kelly, you brave hero. God speed.

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  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 3
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 4
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 5
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 6
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 7
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 8
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 9
  • Kelly Osbourne Black Eye 10


A few months ago, during a segment for E!'s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne called Christina Aguilera a "fat bitch." Well it looks like the two haven't buried the hatchet . . . or fork . .. or butter knife . . . or gravy boat. From Us Weekly:
On E!'s Fashion Police [last] Friday, the 26-year-old slammed Christina Aguilera for her weight. "She called me fat for years," Osbourne said. "I was never that fat."

Osbourne was criticizing Aguilera's performance look at last weekend's Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. The 30-year-old paired a pantsless ensemble with fishnet tights, heavy makeup and supersized hair.
"Fat" is about the nicest thing you could say about Christina at the Michael Jackson Tribute (above). I've seen smaller chicks on The Biggest Loser. And I mean the premiere episode, not the season finale.
[Co-host George] Kotsiopoulos pointed out Aguilera was "still probably a size 2/4," but Osbourne was quick to disagree.

"Trust me," [Osbourne] said. "I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4."
When talking about Christina, Kelly thinks she was "never that fat"? It sounds like Ms. Osbourne has become a bigger revisionist historian than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Newsflash Kelly: You weren't as fat as Christina is now, you were fatter. So get off your high horse . . . no really, get off your horse -- CHRISTINA'S TRYING TO EAT IT! AHHHH!!! EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

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  • Aguilera Fat Fight 10

Kelly Osbourne filming Extra at The Grove in Hollywood (9/30)

I don't know about you, but I simply do not want to live in a world where Kelly Osbourne is considered even remotely attractive. Thanks a lot Michelle Obama and your stupid national anti-obesity initiative . . . *jumps out window*

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  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 8
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 9
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 10
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 11
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 12
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 13
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 14
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 15
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 16
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 17
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 18
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 19
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 20
  • Cleavage Kelly Osbourne 21
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Kelly Osbourne leaving a public restroom in Malibu (9/5)

You're damn right Kelly Osbourne just took a huge crap in that public restroom. And you're damn right that I just posted the pictures. Horny yet?

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  • Kelly Osbourne Dump 10

Christina Aguilera leaving a recording studio in Burbank (6/23)

Wait a minute, let's not jump to conclusions here. Maybe Kelly didn't mean this in a negative way. For example, I call my wife a fat bitch all the time, but it's because I love her so much. "Why isn't dinner ready, you fat bitch!" From the Daily Mail:
Kelly Osbourne certainly shy in revealing how she feels about her nemesis Christina Aguilera. While shooting a segment for E!'s Fashion Police segment, the reality star criticised her rival's fuller figure by calling her a "fat bitch."

Commenting on a photo of the singer wearing a tight black dress, the 26-year-old sniped: "Maybe she's just becoming the fat bitch she was always born to be. I don't know. She was a cunt to me ... She called me fat for so many fucking years, so you know what? Fuck you, you're fat too!"
Well, if it isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Or in this case, the cow calling the hippo fat. Kelly might think her shit doesn't stink now that she's recently lost a few pounds, but racist stereotypes have taught me that her weight is probably just like a Palestinian teenager -- ready to blow up at any second. Frankly, Kelly's kind of amazing. Even when she's not eating that much these days, apparently she still can't seem to keep her mouth shut.

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  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 7
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 8
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 9
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 10
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 11
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 12
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 13
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 14
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 15
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 16
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 17
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 18
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 19
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 20
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 21
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 22
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 23
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 24
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 25
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 26
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 27
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 28
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 29
  • Christina Aguilera Fat Bitch 30

Paparazzi photos from Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27

Kelly Osbourne arriving for a flight at LAX airport (pics start here)

Jude Law and Rachel Weisz filming 360 in London (pics start here)

Tim Burton shopping in Paris (pics start here)

Mischa Barton shopping in Silver Lake, CA (pics start here)

Hayden Panettiere leaving Sur restaurant in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Katherine Heigl out and about in Glendale, CA (pics start here)

Taylor Momsen leaving her hotel in Paris (pics start here)

Timothy Omundson filming Psych in Vancouver (pics start here)

Emma Roberts leaving Starbucks in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Jessica Simpson arriving on a flight at LAX airport (pics start here)

Selma Blair leaving the Ever boutique in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Miranda Cosgrove leaving the Kitson boutique in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Rose Byrne oustide FOX 5 studios in New York (pics start here)

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  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 4
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 5
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 6
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 7
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 8
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 9
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 10
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 11
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 12
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 13
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 14
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 15
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 16
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 17
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 18
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 19
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 20
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 21
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 22
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 23
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 24
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 25
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 26
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 27
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 28
  • Kelly Osbourne Paparazzi Airport 29

Kelly Osbourne at the US Ski and Snowboard Association benefit in L.A. (10/3)

She already lost a ton of weight -- or at least a half-ton -- and now Kelly Osbourne is getting some of her tacky tattoos lasered off. If she stops prefacing every sentence with the word "fucking," she may just transform herself into a proper lady. From the Daily Mail:
She's completely revamped her image with an elegant make-over and dramatic weightloss - now Kelly Osbourne is to take her re-invention one stage further and have some of her trademark tattoos removed.

Kelly wrote in her weekly Closer magazine column: "Some still have a special meaning, like the matching ones my brother Jack and I have of each other's names, but I now feel like some were a mistake. They covered a few of them with make-up last week for a scene in my new film Should've Been Romeo - and I can't say I missed them!"

The 25-year-old said the first bits of body art she was going to target were a keyboard on her forearm and a heart and cross bones on her wrist.

She said: "I met with my dermatologist and I'll start the laser treatment as soon as I have time. It will take several months, and while I'm not looking forward to the pain, I've heard it hurts less than getting the tattoo. I hope so!"
Sorry Kelly, having your tattoos removed isn't going to improve your appearance but turning out the lights might. Seriously, lasering off her tattoos to make her look better will be about as successful as removing the flies from a pile of shit -- both will still look like crap. Kelly should know by now that if she really wants to be considered attractive, there's only one thing she needs to do: lose more weight plastic surgery shut up.

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  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 1
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 2
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 3
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 4
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 5
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 1
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 2
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 3
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 4
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 5
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 6
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 7
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 8
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 9
  • Kelly Osbourne Classy Woman 10