Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers out and about in New York (5/6)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is entering rehab in London. For the fourth time. Meyers made a drunken scene earlier this month in the first class lounge at New York's JFK airport that resulted in him being banned from United Airlines. Apparently they don't like when you drop the N bomb on their employees:
RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that the ... when airline workers noticed the actor drinking and getting out of control they prevented him from boarding the flight to Los Angeles, a source at the airport told us.

As the incident unfolded, Meyers, growing furious, flung the 'N' word, the source told exclusively. He had been drinking vodka and it was before 7 am. It is unclear if the actor was directing the word toward an individual or just spewing it without a specific target.
As for his rehab stay, a source told People:
"He just really wants to get better. This has been an ongoing battle for him."

The actor's rep confirms to People that he is again seeking treatment for his addiction, but declined further comment.
Cool, I didn't know they had rehab for racism. Hopefully it works out for him. It does seem like a much better solution to get Jonathan to stop dropping the N bomb on people is to get some huge scary black dude to beat the living shit out of him. Let's see what he yells at an innocent airline employee the next time he gets drunk when visions of Rampage Jackson breaking his jaw are dancing through his head.

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