James Franco

James Franco on the set of Bukowski in L.A. (3/8)

Walk an entire block? James Franco does not walk an entire block. Walking is for mouth breathers and poor people. From the New York Post:
James Franco hasn't won over many fans at Brooklyn Supreme Court while filming True Story with Jonah Hill there. "He's a [bleep]," a courthouse source sniffed of Franco. "He took a car from Tillary Street to Jay Street from the courthouse to his trailer. It's only one block!" The new movie from Brad Pitt's production company is an adaptation of New York Times' reporter Michael Finkel's memoir. We're told they'll be shooting there all week.
Great, another phony douche for me to deal with. Can someone please remind me exactly why James Franco is such a big shot? I understand that he played Sean Penn's sloppy power bottom in the Got Milk? movie, but is acting ability really that necessary to paint a bullseye around your asshole? It's like putting me in a movie where I "act" like I'm packing a Jon Hamm-esque hog in my pants -- I'm way ahead of the curve, pal. James Franco is about as lucky and overrated an actor as you're ever gonna find not named "Clooney." To all the Franco fans who will undoubtedly accuse me of jealousy, allow me to defend my stance with a hearty "fuck you."

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Ashley Benson and James Franco at the premiere of Spring Breakers at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood (3/14)

FYI: James Franco is probably banging Ashley Benson. If you're Ashley's father or grandfather or boyfriend, sorry you had to find out this way. From Hollywood Life:
At the 'Spring Breakers' premiere after party in Los Angeles on Mar. 14, co-stars Ashley and James looked VERY comfortable with each other. HollywoodLife.com can tell you EXCLUSIVELY about all the steamy details! The Emerson Theater in Los Angeles was heating up as the entire Spring Breakers cast filed in to celebrate yet another successful premiere. But Ashley and Justin did way more than just party.

A HollywoodLife.com insider who was on the scene says exclusively that the cast mates are "1000% hooking up." Even on the red carpet the two couldn't keep their hands off of each other, but inside the party was where it really went down. Our eyewitness further explains that once the cameras were off them, Ashley and James held hands and James' hand never left the small of Ashley's back! And at one point Ashley even sexily sat on James' lap and stole a kiss!
Wait, what? I thought we already spoke on this subject recently and it was decided that James enjoys the sword swallowing? Quite odd, considering the fact that I'm rarely wrong on this sort of thing. I guess if there's anyone who could turn one of those boys back, it would be Ashley Benson. Ash has the potential to become who Kristen Bell was gonna be until Douche Shepard ruined her. Goddamn she's hot -- almost hot enough for me to settle down and give up Dungeons and Dragons my army of models . . . almost.

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James Franco was bullied for being gay

James Franco tells MTV that he was bullied in high school for being gay, even though he's not really gay, but if you want to bully him for being gay, that's completely cool with him. Wait, what? Via Us Weekly:
In an interview with MTV about his new movie, "Interior. Leather Bar," a documentary he directed about sexual and creative freedom that features gay sex scenes, the actor - who has played gay characters in "Milk" and "Howl" - was asked his thoughts regarding the constant speculation about whether or not he himself is gay, and he said it was nothing new.

"In high school these girls got mad at me and so they spread this rumor that I was having a gay relationship with one of my closest friends," Franco, 34, recalled. "And they even made up a little dance they would do in the girl's locker room about me being gay. I still don't know what the dance was ... It wasn't something that frightened me, like if people think that, it's fine. I really don't care."
Well, la dee dah, James Franco might be playing for the other team. I noticed his slightly fruity ways way back when he was on Freaks and Geeks. Remember when he threw a grenade at Spider-Man in Spider-Man 3? Sure, there are plenty of straight guys that throw with a limp wrist, but most straight guys (except for possibly Rodger Clemens) don't say "you hoo!" with a pointed toe cocked back like Tinkerbell while in the motion. No biggie, if Jodie Foster can come out in a rambling, incoherent mess of a speech, then surely James can stick a toe in the queer ocean before plunging in.

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Amanda Seyfried leaving Hand Made Furniture and Fabrics in L.A. (6/15)

After having her way, sexually, with squinty-eyed Josh Hartnett, Amanda Seyfried has moved onto James Franco. That poor little lamb. He probably didn't even know what hit him. From the Chicago Sun Times:
There's a lot of evidence that the connection James Franco made with Amanda Seyfried while they filmed "Lovelace" is developing into something far more serious. While it's been Franco who reportedly has been chasing Seyfried -- "like a lovesick schoolboy," according to a source -- it seems to be working. "Amanda is very much intrigued by James," said a second source, close to the actress. Franco played Hugh Hefner in "Lovelace," with Seyfried stepping into the title role of the porn actress Linda Lovelace after Lindsay Lohan dropped out during her turbulent legal problems.
Fuck him, Amanda. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean fuck him bad, I mean fuck him good. James Franco deserves to be inside you -- it's his reward for the gem of a movie that is Pineapple Express. I couldn't care less about him before that movie, but afterwards? I love pot movies that don't talk down to me, so do me a favor. With as much class and dignity that you can muster, blow him until he's pulling bed springs out of his ass. Thanks, hon.

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Of course she wore a see-through shirt to court

I bet Hollywood finally starts taking Lindsay Lohan seriously after her new book is released. From the Daily Mirror:
[Lindsay Lohan] has signed an estimated £2.1million deal to front an explicit photographic book which will contain “full frontal nudity” and “graphic” shots. LiLo will be getting her kit off and posing for photos with former squeeze James Franco, 32. I hear she has had a series of dinner meetings with the hunky 127 Hours actor, who hosted [Sunday] night’s Oscars.

My source tells me: “Lindsay is struggling to get another break in Hollywood. There’s a stigma attached to working with her and she is determined to change this - starting with the photographic book. Terry Richardson has persuaded Lindsay and James to get involved. He has assured them it will be provocative but tasteful. There will be a lot of nakedness - some of it graphic and suggestive - but it will be a real statement book. Obviously there will be comparisons to Madonna’s 1992 Sex book. But James and Lindsay believe theirs will be classier.”
*Yawn* wake me up when Lindsay's so desperate for money and attention that she does triple penetration -- which should be right . . . about . . . NOW. Besides, if you really want to see Lindsay naked, you don't need to buy her book. You just need to buy her a six-pack.

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James Franco, loser 

I've never wanted to be a loser so bad in my life. From the New York Post:
The infamous “consolation prize” swag bag — presented by Distinctive Assets the morning after the Oscars to all nominees who don’t win — will include the following trinkets at these estimated retail values:

  • $200,000: An orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic (allowing nominees to be among the first to fly the friendly skies of space — kind of).
  • $16,000: Four-night stay at the Huvafen Fushi luxury resort in the Indian Ocean from Premier Tours, featuring an underwater spa in the Maldives (for those tough weeks when a terrestrial spa just won’t do).
  • $4,850: One-week “fitness and weight-loss” retreat from Live in Fitness (helpful after noshing on all those black truffles and sipping flutes of champagne).
  • $12,000: Use of a private island for five days, “including private houseman” from APrivateIsland.com (so they don’t have to BYOH).
OK, now I don't feel bad anymore about James Franco losing the "Best Actor" Oscar to Colin Firth. Going to space would pretty much be the coolest damn thing ever -- especially if he got high. Previously the coolest thing he ever did high was host the Oscars.

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James Franco at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (1/22)

Not that I care (unless it was with Jessica Alba or the family dog), but James Franco made a sex tape when he was younger. From Contact Music:
James Franco says he has a lot of respect for porn stars because he made his own sex tape when he was 19. The '127 Hours' actor - who is to host this year's Oscars ceremony alongside Anne Hathaway - says appearing in a raunchy home movie made him have more respect for porn stars because he knows from personal experience how hard it is.

Speaking in a discussion held by Newsweek magazine for potential Oscar-nominees, James said: "I think if anybody who has made a home sex tape knows, what feels best doesn't always look best. I remember when I was 19 doing that, and then watching it back and thinking, 'Oh, that looks horrible.' You have a lot of respect for those actors in pornography, because they are really not just doing it, they're really selling it."
Is James suggesting that actors in adult films are actually pretending? But I thought that chick with two dicks in her mouth and a bowling pin in her ass was really enjoying herself. Obviously James doesn't realize that what draws people to porn is the fantasy. For example, watching a busty porn star blow a dude fulfills an innate desire inside of all men: to cum hang out with a chick that doesn't talk for five minutes.

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