Hilaria Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas in Beverly Hills (4/27)

If you didn't know who Alec Baldwin was and you saw him and his wife Hilaria in Beverly Hills yesterday, would your first thought be "Awww, it's so nice a daughter can still find time for her dear old father"? Don't answer that. it's rhetorical. Of course it would. He's 26 years older than her. That's an entire Selena Gomez plus three years.

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Hilaria Baldwin in Madrid, Spain (2/14)

In town while husband Alec Baldwin films Torrente 5, Hilaria Baldwin decided to do a little street yoga in Madrid on Friday. What's the pose called where you look like an idiot because your nipples just fell out of your shirt? Because she's really good at that one.

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Hilaria Baldwin out and about in New York (8/29)

Hilaria Baldwin's behavior and revealing dress didn't go over too well at a gala over the weekend celebrating the Smithsonian's new yoga exhibition. Wait, was part of her behavior calling everyone fags? Because Alec does that all the time and no one seems to care. From Page Six:
[Hilaria's] heaving boobalicious look wasn't a hit with a rarefied crowd that included exiled Empress of Iran Farah Pahlavi, Dame Jillian Sackler and Sally Quinn, who's been dubbed "the Dowager Countess of Washington's elite social set."

"It was a serious room of collectors, mostly 60 and over," sniffed a guest, who did give brand-new mom Hilaria props for "standing for hours in her slinky dress."

But in a town of orators, Hilaria didn't win points either for addressing the crowd repeatedly as "you guys," or making them raise their hands to vote on whether beefy Baldwin should "get into yoga," witnesses tell us.
Isn't showing nips in public the proper thing to do while amongst the upper crust of society? Well, I guess it's the thing to do when you're a Baldwin -- and apparently very acceptable when you're a Baldwin via injection. The one thing missing from this gathering is that Hilaria didn't leave a pile of wheatgrass poo on the floor while popping a Malasana pose. It looks like that extra semester of charm school is paying off.

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Hilaria Baldwin arriving home in New York (8/27)

Alec Baldwin attacked a paparazzo yesterday for merely taking pictures of his 29-year-old wife Hilaria, so I wonder what he'd do if I walked up to her and made a motorboat sound? *brrbbrrbbrbbrrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrr*

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Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin at Washington Square Park in New York (8/17)

What a cute pair.

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Alec Baldwin at James Gandolfini's funeral in New York (6/27)

Alec Baldwin went on a violent homophobic rant against a Daily Mail reporter -- calling him a "toxic little queen" and implying that he would really enjoy an entire foot up his "fucking ass" -- after he accused he and his wife Hilaria Baldwin of tweeting at James Gandolfini's funeral yesterday (which they did). And the best part is he did it from the twitter account of his Alec Baldwin Foundation (since deleted). Your donations needed to support the arts, you fags!


The most amazing part about this whole thing is that the general reaction across the internet seems to be "meh." We've almost come to expect this kind of thing from him. Alec Baldwin has ascended to such heights of assholery, that he can get away with practically anything. He could hire Paula Deen to cater a slave party, and no one would give a shit.

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Hilaria Baldwin teach yoga in New York last December

Wow, this lawsuit sounds like it's not gonna get thrown out of court at all . . . from the New York Daily News:
A lower Manhattan man says he was injured while taking a yoga class from Alec Baldwin's wife. In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Spencer Wolff says he suffered "serious" and "severe" injuries and "emotional upset" during Hilaria Thomas' Jan. 15 class at Yoga Vida. The suit doesn't specify how Wolff was injured, but it blames the "overcrowded" class and Thomas' "negligence" as two causes of his alleged accident. Thomas, who married the actor in June, is pregnant with the couple's first child. She has been teaching yoga since 2005, according to the University Place studio's website.
Look, I know that it's fun shitting on anything Baldwin, but I'm nothing if not thoughtful, fair-minded, and hung. Now before I cast judgement on this ambulance chaser, I want to know how a pregnant woman as small as Hilaria can hurt an adult male simply by way of yoga? Something smells fishy -- and I don't just mean her usual clientele. I don't care how overcrowded the class is -- if I can't transition from the Yoga Warrior II to the Downward Dog Split position without getting accidentally fisted, then I'll go ahead and cancel my membership. Spencer Wolff, my friend, you are a pussy.

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Hilaria Baldwin in New Orleans (2/3)

Here's some pics of Alec Baldwin's newly-pregnant wife Hilaria in a bikini on Sunday. Some people think it's wrong to post bikini pictures of pregnant women. Others think Alec Baldwin is an asshole, so fuck him.

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Hilaria Baldwin on the set of The Grove in Hollywood (1/28)

They've been married less than a year, but In Touch Weekly claims 54-year-old Alec Baldwin has already knocked up his 29-year-old wife Hilaria Thomas. Uh oh, I hope Viagra doesn't cause birth defects. From In Touch Weekly:
"Hilaria has told only really close friends and family she is pregnant, only a close circle she trusts," a good friend of Hilaria's tells In Touch. "They are both so excited and Alec is so in love with her. She says she is so in love with Alec and he tells all her friends that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him."

Recent photos of the fitness instructor have hinted at her pregnancy, as her stomach has been showing the slightest hint of a baby bump.

"[Hilaria] has not said much to anyone as far as how far along she is," our insider says. "She is so healthy and a yoga freak, so everyone could tell right away something was different."
Alec already has one kid, a daughter, with Kim Basinger, so he's probably hoping for a son this time around. I bet he's already daydreaming about tossing the old pigskin around with little Johnny in the backya--"AHHHH MY HIP! GET ME SOME FUCKING ASPIRIN!"

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Hilaria Baldwin launching PETA's global cruelty-free shopping guide at The Body Shop in New York (12/5)

Hilaria Thomas was a yoga instructor this time last year and now she's the face of PETA's annual cruelty free shopping guide, which she debuted yesterday in New York. So how did she go from yoga instructor to PETA spokesman? She changed her name from "Thomas" to "Baldwin" by marrying Alec. But I'm sure she still would have been the face of some kind of national campaign even if she had never married Alec. That happens to chicks all the time who are good at Downward-Facing Dog.

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