Demi Moore

Demi Moore leaving a friend's house in L.A. (4/20)

In addition to her ex-husband impregnating his beautiful, younger fiancee, Demi Moore's hair is now going gray. Ouch. Can somebody please remove all the sharp things from her house? And make sure her garage is well-ventilated. Thanks.

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Demi Moore leaving a yoga class in L.A. (9/24)

Did you know that Demi Moore is old enough to be Mila Kunis' mom? And it's not even close. Demi would have been 20 when she had her. 20.

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher leaving Burbank Airport (9/9)

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had a little reunion on Monday night. The two happened to be on the same flight from San Jose to Burbank (they both attended the same tech conference in San Jose), and ended up walking out of the airport together. What? I don't see the big deal. Married couples do that all the time. From E!:
A source confirms to E! News that "Demi did not want to be photographed together, but Ashton convinced her to walk with him."

Demi walked into the parking structure of the airport with a female friend, while Ashton shouted, "Bye, Demi!" from the sidewalk.
After leaving the airport, Ashton drove to his beautiful home in Lake Hollywood, chatting with his gorgeous girlfriend Mila Kunis along the way, while Demi was found at the bottom of a very high bridge, surrounded by cats with the letters A-S-H-T-O-N carved into the back of her hand. I mean, probably.

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  • Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Reunite
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  • Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Reconcile
  • Demi Moore with Ashton
  • Demi Ashton Reconcile
  • Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Bump Into Each Other
  • Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Photographed Together
  • Demi Ashton Reunite
  • Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Awkward
  • Ashton Kutcher with Demi
  • Demi Ashton Back Together
  • Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Same Flight
  • Demi Ashton Dating Again

Mila Kunis is not happy with Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has been dating Mila Kunis for over a year now, but incredibly has still not finalized his divorce from Demi Moore. And Mila is starting to get a little pissed off. Why, because she finally realized she's dating Ashton Kutcher? Via Showbiz Spy:
"Ashton keeps telling her that Demi is the problem," a friend said. "However, Mila suspects it's just an excuse to keep the big questions about their relationship and where it's heading at bay, like getting married and starting a family. Ashton talks all the time about how he dreams of having a child with Mila, so she told him to forget about having a kid until Demi's a memory."

"Ashton says he's not about to let Demi rob him in this divorce," said another source. "But he's worth more than $100 million, and Mila knows he would barely feel the pinch. He tells Mila not to worry, they're going to be married and start a family. But he's dragged his heels so much with the divorce she's not sure she can take him at his word."
What a decade for Ashton. He went from being the least-interesting guy in Hollywood to being luckier than the thong currently residing in Sofia Vergara's amazing ass. The guy is devouring A-list souls the way Jennifer Love Hewitt devours whole turkeys -- with no remorse or awareness of how bad it looks. If Mila Kunis ends up being infected with the douchenozzle's baby, then Ashton officially gets to become the new Dos Equis guy (sans the cool accent or believable acting ability, of course).

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  • Mila Kunis Makeupless
  • Ashton Kutcher Ballcap
  • Mila Kunis Holding Hands
  • Ashton Kutcher Cab Home

Demi Moore celebrating the release of Terrywood in Miami (12/7)

Demi Moore is quitting acting to teach yoga. And who can blame her? Yoga is where the real money is at. From the National Enquirer:
"Demi is acutely aware that her star has faded in Hollywood," said a source. "Acting offers aren't coming in and, at her age, Demi realistically knows she's considered over the hill in youth-obsessed Hollywood. She also credits Kundalini yoga with helping her recover from the emotional issues surrounding her drug-induced seizure and hospitalization last year.

"Yoga has been a lifesaver for Demi, so through teaching, she hopes to give back and share the wisdom she's acquired. She's been going to two-hour classes five days a week for months, so it was a logical next step. Demi is finally finding her footing again and she credits yoga with getting her back on track." (Print Edition - 7/15)
Oh geez, is this what it's come down to for Demi? There's plenty of age-appropriate roles in Hollywood for the ol' gal -- if she's willing to swallow her pride (and a few casting directors). Why can't Demi be the sassy older neighbor or the sex-obsessed auntie? Do it for all of us, babe. Look, I've been to yoga classes run by the old and infirm and, let me tell you, gassers cut by 50-something-year-olds are NOT to be taken lightly. Be especially wary of the crane pose fart -- those things come from a place of pure evil . . . and way too much organic cheese.

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  • Terry Richardson With Demi Moore
  • Demi Moore Teaching Yoga
  • Demi Moore Dating Terry Richardson
  • Demi Moore Yoga Class

Demi Moore and Will Hanigan taking a yoga class in L.A. (5/5)

50-year-old Demi Moore has only been linked to 30-year-old Australian yoga teacher/kangaroo wrestler Will Hanigan since this month, but according to the Australian newspaper Herald Sun, they're already having problems:
Hanigan, 30, the rumoured toyboy of Demi Moore, was out and about yesterday at the Pinctada Cable Beach Polo VIP Marquee in Broome...But he wasn't confirming whether or not he's dating the Hollywood superstar ... "You could say I'm single but it's complicated," he said. "Actually, no comment."

But he later confirmed he was heading back to LA next month for "more yoga."
Tough break for Demi, but clearly she needs to make some changes in terms of the guys she's dating. Ashton Kutcher was 27 when he married Demi, and this Will guy is 30 and already seems to be done with her. I think you see where this is going . . . bitch needs to go younger! It's really hard for a guy to tire of you when he's stuck in his dorm room all day studying for the big test. "I'm so stressed right now, Demi!"

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Demi Moore leaving Great Earth Vitamins in West Hollywood (2/11)

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's divorce just got messy. Even though Demi's worth more than Ashton, she wants spousal support. And she deserves it, too. Hell, anyone who's actually had to live with Ashton Kutcher deserves a lot more than money. Purple Heart, maybe? From TMZ:
Demi Moore has filed legal docs responding to Ashton Kutcher's divorce petition ... and get this -- she wants spousal support and she's worth WAAAAY more than him. Sources connected with Demi tell TMZ ... "She's got money up the wazoo" and has untold millions more than Ashton.  He's not asking her for spousal support, so it's surprising she's going for it.

What's more ... she wants Ashton to pay HER attorney's fees. Although there are reports that settlement negotiations have broken down, we're told it's not true -- both sides are negotiating and they expect a quick resolution.
I'm siding with Team Moore on this one. Back in 2005, Ashton had been contracted to sign autographs at a "Where Are They Now" convention/fish fry in Riverton, Utah when he was discovered by Demi. His was a future of endless VH1 cameos and car wash openings until Demi had the good grace to let Ashton finish inside her. Next thing you know, Ashton is a solid D-lister while Demi morphs from starmaker to paint-huffing Hollywood cougar. Ashton absolutely owes Demi 80% of his Two and a Half Men money, as well as half of whatever future earnings he might get from his movies skipping theaters and going directly to the Pakistani version of Netflix.

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Demi Moore out and about in Sherman Oaks (1/21)

Demi Moore continues to make bad decision after bad decision in her life. The latest? Sharing needles a bed with Russell Brand. From The Sun:
Demi Moore and Russell Brand have reportedly become "special friends" after bonding over yoga. Rumours are beginning to swirl that the pair are in a relationship following their date to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition in Los Angeles last week. It's claimed the single pair began meeting up before Christmas, having formed a friendship over their mutual love of the spiritual workout. They've grown so close, Russell is even teaching Demi some new maneuvers.

A source said: "Russell and Demi met through a mutual friend and really connected. They've got so much in common and Russell's been introducing her to all kinds of new yoga moves. He's also teaching her about meditation. Russell is a real charmer and she's enjoying hanging out with him ... They're both very spiritual people."
This is truly a sad thing to see. Demi let her addiction to poser cock destroy her public persona, and now she's speeding down that same road again with no brakes. Doesn't she know that Russell Brand is just the metric version of Ashton Kutcher? The only difference I can tell is that while Ashton is a soul-eating douche, Russell is a soul-eating douche who talks with an accent and drives on the wrong side of the road. Sure, a much classier fella but still a douche. Now if I find out that Ashton is shooting his yoga all over Katy Perry, I'll stick my head in the oven and set it to broil.

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  • Demi Moore Russell Brand 10

Demi Moore leaving Starbucks in Miami (12/9)

Congrats Demi Moore: Your daughters pretty much hate you. Hey, at least you don't have to buy them anything for Christmas now. From the New York Daily News:
Following her well-publicized off-the-wall behavior during Miami's Art Basel, the small progress Demi Moore made patching things up with her daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, has come to a halt.

"Rumer is really the one making the decision to do this as the oldest ... Around the time Bruce [Willis]'s wife Emma (Heming) had the baby, it was this scary sense of, 'Demi went off her rocker again,'" says our source.

"Bruce is now very much out of the spotlight and the kids were very happy about that. They started feeling that Demi needs to stay home and be more of a mother. She checked into rehab and they'd always been pushing for her to do that. (But) After Art Basel, she came out partying and dancing on tables again."

The source adds that Demi's last boy toy, 26-year-old Vito Schnabel, runs in the same circles with Rumer Willis, and she was absolutely mortified about the fling.

"The kids are old enough to band together, Rumer being the ringleader," says the insider. Our insider says Moore is also harboring animosity toward her girls because she feels they took Kutcher's side after the split. According to our insider, "The family is very much divided."
Wow, the Willis girls just can't be pleased by mother dearest. Rumor and the other stupid-name sisters were upset when Demi laid down for a guy they clearly masturbated to, then they were upset when Captain Douchebag left the asylum. So what's a girl to do? Demi catches dudes the only way a 50-year-old knows how to: as the engine of the party train. The old bat has needs that only 20-something-year-olds can satisfy. Maybe if her daughters weren't so busy pleasuring themselves to That 70's Show reruns, they'd realize how selfish they've been.

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  • Demi Moore Daughter Problems 7
  • Demi Moore Daughter Problems 8
  • Demi Moore Daughter Problems 9
  • Demi Moore Daughter Problems 10

Demi Moore at the GEMS Benefit Gala in New York (10/18)

In Demi Moore's delusional mind, she's still hot shit. So I guess I can't fault her too much for trying to hook up with Leo DiCaprio, who of course shot her down like a North Vietnamese MiG over the Gulf on Tonkin. USA! USA! USA! From the National Enquirer:
"Demi is so lonely and hungry for love," a source revealed. "After all these years, she's romanticized what really amounted to just a fling [with Leo in 1997]. She's infatuated with the idea of her and Leo becoming Hollywood's hottest power couple. She's lonely and facing her 50th birthday this month, so she's looking to rejuvenate her love life and career."

According to the source, Demi has been spending more time in New York recently, where 37-year-old heartthrob Leo is filming "The Wolf of Wall Street." "Unfortunately for Demi, Leo is giving her the big-time blow off," continued the source. "He won't even get together with her for coffee!"

"Demi's dream is to find a young, successful guy who can help elevate her back to her past glory," added the source. "But she's barking up the wrong tree with Leo. He idolized her when he was in his 20s and fresh off the blockbuster success of Titanic, but now Leo thinks Demi is too old. He doesn't want to get tangled up in her messy life." (Print Edition - 11/12)
Oh Demi, don't do this. There's no need to degrade yourself. You were a decent actress for many years -- I'm sure there are plenty of sassy grandma rolls in Tyler Perry movies you can take to keep your lights on. You're not gonna get back with Mr. DiCaprio -- the man is simply too busy plowing his way through the world of modeling (just ask Erin Heatherton and Madalina Ghenea). At your age, he can't be expected to return your calls -- you're better off trying to get the rub from an actor of your same generation. I suggest a dignified gentleman like Morgan Freeman or the old guy that seems to be in every Adam Sandler film. Or maybe Abe Vigoda might give you a pity fuck, once we confirm that he's still alive.

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