Old Katy Perry went to the UNICEF Ball last night

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Hello old friend. More…

Courtney Stodden is very fashionable

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“I’m wearing that same outfit!” — a mannequin in a sex shop window, Times Square, 1979. More…

Olivia Munn dressed for the occasion

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Pretty sure her face is permanently stuck like that. More

Checking in on Candice Swanepoel’s new baby

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Oh, how precious. Kids grow up so fast.

*pic via Candice’s Instagram today

Iggy Azalea wins the wet t-shirt competition

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We have nipple. More

Gwen Stefani is very talented

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How has Gwen Stefani been hot for, like, 40 years? More

Two minutes

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CAUTION: Boob ahead. More

Khloe filling in as well

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Why wear clothes at all? More…

Regular Heidi Klum is perfectly fine with Topless Heidi Klum

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CAUTION: Breasts ahead. More…

Salma Hayek ain’t bad

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Been waiting until this entire photoshoot hit the internets, and now it has: Salma Hayek in the new issue of GQ Mexico (now available in Mexico!). What’s the Spanish word for “holy shit I would give my left nut for this chick even if it meant having to get approval for the surgery from my doctor…

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