Betty White

I was going to post a roundup of all the hot celebrities from last night's SAG Awards, but the pictures Eric Stonestreet (Cameron on Modern Family) tweeted were way better. His captions are below each pic:

Awww the sags!

We're totally doing blow and each other after the show.

Just so u assholes are clear. This is @SofiaVergara & @minkakelly in the same GOD DAMN picture! I win!

Never have I wished to be 12 inches tall so much.

Betty White arriving to the 12th Annual "Mark Twain Award for American Humor" at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC (11/9)

This is definitely one of the sexiest chick fights of 1955. From the New York Post:
Betty White has finally fired back to a months-old dig from 84-year-old "Malcolm in the Middle" actress Cloris Leachman. In an interview with reporters at the Television Critics Association tour in August for Leachman's new Fox show, "Raising Hope," Leachman had said, "I'm so sick of Betty White. Never liked her." Yesterday, asked to comment on the remark in a Wall Street Journal online profile of Leachman by Amy Chozick, White, 88, snapped back: "Is she still conscious?"
We have to sign Betty and Cloris up for one of those celebrity boxing matches. Aw man, I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about these two going at it. Instead of smelling salts, the ringside doctor would use BENGAY®. Of course there'd have to be a strict rule against hitting below the belt -- because that's where their tits are. On the positive side, neither woman would need mouth guards -- they could both just take out their teeth.

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Betty White out and about in Beverly Hills (4/20)

Quick, other than Kirstie Alley and Rosie O'Donnell, name the celebrity you'd least like to see naked. Betty White, right? Me, too. Unfortunately I have some bad news for you. From
Rumours are going around that photos of Betty White and her late husband, television host Allen Ludden, engaging in sexual activities are going to be released!!

According to a couple industry insiders who have been contacted by the people in possession of the photos, there are a total of four pictures that were recently found in a box belonging to the now 88-year-old Betty - The box was supposedly left behind at her old house along with other memorabilia.
The good news is that if Betty's nude pics hit the internet, a Jessica Alba sex tape probably isn't far behind. The universe has a funny way of evening things out like that . . . although -- to really be even -- there'd have to be some hardcore anal on that tape.

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Betty White out and about in Beverly Hills (2/16)

I hope Jesse James wasn't hoping to hook up with Betty White once his divorce is complete (both him and Sandra Bullock are interviewing divorce attorneys). Bitch hates him. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Among [Sandra] Bullock's many friends in the acting community is comedy legend  Betty White, who reportedly has told friends she's so upset about Bullock's painful humiliation, the former "Golden Girl" cannot talk about [Jesse] James without using language so blue, it clearly is not printable in a family newspaper.
Years of acting like a tough guy on TV, covering yourself with tattoos, and marrying a smoking-hot movie star can give a guy a reputation for being a bad ass . . . until a 72-pound grandma, who's older than penicillin*, calls you out. Frankly, there's only one way Jesse could have lost more street cred than by being threatened by a centenarian -- if he'd been photographed hanging out with Ryan Seacrest.

*no, really. Betty was born in 1922. Penicillin wasn't discovered until 1928.

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