Suri Cruise arriving at school in New York (12/5)

Suri Cruise is seven and already flipping off the paparazzi. Go ahead, cross her and see what happens. She may just be seven now, but each day, her dark heart grows stronger, filling with more rage.

*6 Suri Cruise pictures total in the gallery:

  • Suri Cruise Flip Off 1
  • Suri Cruise Flip Off 2
  • Suri Cruise Flip Off 3
  • Suri Cruise Flip Off 4
  • Suri Cruise Flip Off 5
[Pacific Coast News]
  • Me

    Really bad photoshop of her finger from the other hand. You can see the seam.

  • Tim

    Obviously not giving ANYONE the finger. Just a little girl holding a piece of paper and trying to button her coat.

  • vladdyvostock

    this ones for you Xenu

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