Good morning, fans. Are you ready for the last list of the year? I know I am, and here it is: The Train Wrecks of 2013. It's just a little list of the people whose misery brought a little joy into our mundane lives this year. Enjoy and Happy New Year.

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  • The Train Wrecks of 2013
  • Lindsay Lohan\: Can you believe that Lindsay isn\'t closing this list\? Well\, the reason is that although Lindsay had a bad year\, I don\'t think we\'re close to being done with her. I think that Lindsay has a Wolverine\'s liver \(by that I mean the shit eating weasel\, not the mutant from the shitty X-Men franchise\).  Lindsay\'s meltdown won\'t be complete until she\'s in prison or in a pine box . . . although considering her financial situation\, that pine box will probably just be a series of Johnnie Walker crates that have been stapled together. Red label\, not blue\, of course.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow\: Gwyneth has a special place in my cold\, dark heart. She made it perfectly acceptable for the mainstream media and clergy worldwide to use the world \
  • Bravo\: Hey\, remember when Bravo TV was supposed to be a channel dedicated to the fine arts\, but then they invented the Real Housewives genre\? I don\'t know what happened\, but they\'re about two\, maybe three seasons away from having a live decapitation on that channel. Great job\, guys\, let\'s keep your downfall going as long as possible.
  • Lil Wayne\: I know what you\'re thinking and\, no\, Lil Wayne still lives\, unfortunately. 2013 would have been remembered as the Year of the Purple Drank\, but then North America remembered to not give a shit about Lil Wayne. I\'m sorry\, but meltdowns are for celebrities and Japanese nuclear reactors . . . right\, Shannen \
  • Katherine McPhee\: Now this is a meltdown\, buddies. Katherine McPhee went from being a very likeable C-list celeb to being a dirty\, dirty home wrecker. Kat had her goody-two-shoes-image pounded out of her by her married director of a boss\, which got her TV show cancelled and forced her into hiding. It\'s too bad because dirty whore stories are the best kind of stories\, in my educated opinion.
  • Alec Baldwin\: Alec Baldwin has been in a steady decline for years. Think about it\, Alec was knocking on the A-list door for a couple of years before his shitty attitude and expanding waistline forced him into the world of overrated sitcoms. Now look at him. 2013 will be the year that we all can look back on and say that it was Alec\'s swan song. If MSNBC can fire you for being a tool\, then there really is no hope for you - although I must admit that his brand of narcissism is a perfect fit at ESPN\, and probably New York State politics.
  • Farrah Abraham\: Remember her\? She was the hardest working gal on MTV\'s Teen Mom - assuming that we all understand that by \
  • Justin Bieber\: I\'ll put Justin\'s meltdown as my personal favorite. The little douche just couldn\'t help but to crap where he eats. From pretending to bang prostitutes to having his goons grope his \
  • Chris Brown\: What a year for Chris\, huh\? He\'s clearly turned up the crazy on what\'s left of his career. Sure\, he\'s making a shit-ton of money with his repetitive drivel\, but Chris knows as well as we do that his meltdown is just about over. He\'s crossed over from a closeted R\&B sensation with an anger problem to a closeted dickhead with an anger problem. I advise for all women as well as all men who enjoy penises to steer clear of this guy until he accepts what he is or puts a gun in his mouth.
  • Kanye West\: Kanye seems to be in a hurry to be taken as a giant joke in the entertainment industry. His rants against the people who support his awful ideas are truly epic \(leather jogging pants\, really\?\). The guy came unhinged in 2013 and I\'m starting to wonder if Team KKK hasn\'t been putting Molly in his baby bottle. I have a feeling that the world might be burned out on Kanye\, which is too bad. I love posting stories of C-listers losing their shit.
  • Rob Ford\, Mayor of Toronto\: I don\'t mean to get political on you guys\, but Mayor Ford has to make this list. The guy smokes crack. HE SMOKES CRACK. The Mayor of Toronto loves the crack rock\, and he isn\'t afraid to talk about it. He has no self control\, but he does compensate with his rapier wit\, as this quote from a live press conference would suggest\: "it says that I wanted to eat her pussy. I have never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I\'ve got more then enough to eat at home.\
  • American Idol\: American Idol had a great year\, in my opinion. Sure\, ratings were way down when compared to the glory days of trying to sober up Paula Abdul for every show\, but how many talent shows have two of the four judges melt down in the same season\? The only reason I watched last season was to see if Nicki Manaj would eventually slash Mariah Carey across the face with the razor blade she keeps hidden in her mouth\, like a classy lady does. It\'s too bad they aren\'t bringing those two back\, I feel as if they have unfinished business.
  • Amanda Bynes\: Amanda went from sane to crazy to rehab back to sane in the span of about six months\, a truly impressive accomplishment. Along the way we had bongs thrown out of windows\, driveways lit on fire\, and the phrase "psychiatric hold" reintroduced into our lexicon. Amanda's not the cash cow Britney Spears is\, so her parents may actually focus on her recovery and try to keep her out of the public eye next year. It was fun while it lasted.
  • The Kardashian Empire\: Wow\, we\'re finally here. 2013 will go down as the year when Planet Earth said \
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