Kate Upton in nothing but bodypaint

Here's the Kate Upton bodypaint video that Sports Illustrated released today. In it, Kate Upton wears nothing but bodypaint. Simple plot, yes, but impressive character development. Four out of Five Erections.

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  • Herman Bumfudle

    #fuck wow!

  • Herman Bumfudle


  • ArlyneBonnett

    Its too much superb and Mind Blowing Video .everyone want to be watch it Video,This Video may be SuperHit.Basically she is want to be Looking sexy and Hot .


  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    Everyone else can hate on her as much as they want, I will continue to enjoy looking at her curves. Women are supposed to have curves. I want to have my hands and mouth full. Men who like their women looking like sticks are subconsciously covering up for their little stick.

  • vladdyvostock

    I bet the guy that sold 120 gallons of Sherman Williams to paint this manatee was salesman of the month at the Home Depot

  • Jermaine

    Just a cow. Rihanna rules

  • woof77777

    she needs to start working out...she is flabby with big tits, period.

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