Farrah Abraham at the 6th annual "Icons & Idols" party at Finale in New York (8/25)

It goes without saying that Teen Mom star/anal porn star Farrah Abraham is a terrible mother, but even I didn't think she was this bad . . . okay maybe  I did a little. From In Touch Weekly:
These days, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham spends most of her time appearing at strip clubs or giving interviews. But she insists time apart from daughter Sophia, 4, isn't hurting the little girl. "It's healthy that we have a break," claims Farrah, 22 (whose dad lives near her and Sophia in Texas). "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine." (Print Edition - 10/14)
Even though Farrah really might be the worst mother in the world right now, things could be worse. Letting Farrah raise her daughter Sophia would be far worse then just letting Sophia be raised by her father's parents, or grandparents, or stray dogs who roam the countryside looking for scraps that have been discarded by inconsiderate drivers. Look, I saw her porno, and I can tell you that, without a doubt, Farrah Abraham was born to get filmed getting corn-holed, not to raise the future meth addicts unlucky enough to fall out of her money hole.

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  • gack

    I believe we have nipple, Captain

  • Alan Rone

    Does this chick have polio, rickets or something? Her thighs look like tooth picks. They're barely thicker than her wrists. If you take away the silicone she's built like a crackhead. No thanks.

  • Cooper

    In fairness to her, she's too busy with her career impersonating a man in drag. The skank has zero hips and a square jaw that would put most dudes in shame.

  • Sarigar

    Farrah posing in front of a banner reading "In Touch" is the height of irony.

  • xyz


  • no name

    her eyes need work!! slightly down syndromish...

  • Vloggerazzi

    If she is spending her time in strip clubs, getting ready to make her vagina into a sex toy, and attention-whoring and promoting her porn all day, how is she "the worst mom" if she is AWAY from her daughter? Sounds like she's doing her daughter a favor by staying away.

  • Lara Quinn

    `She has her own life, I have mine`.Yeah, fend for yourself kid.FFS!!!!!!!!!.

  • Not A Fan

    She is a modern enlightened, liberal woman. What else do you expect.

  • 8 inches

    I like her Dead Fish Eyes the most. They scream, "I have no soul, so enjoy my colon".

  • xyz


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