Joan Rivers in West Hollywood (9/18)

Joan Rivers is officially really fucking old. She was spotted rolling through West Hollywood on a pretty pimped-out Rascal earlier this week. And before you say she was only doing it as a joke, she's 80, so I think this is how she moves around now. She's so old, she still has the extended warranty she bought for the slaves she used to own. She's so old, whenever she goes on a road trip, she brings extra provisions because she's worried about getting raided by indians. She's so old, she still uses MapQuest. Seriously, I could go on all day . . .

*15 Joan Rivers pictures total in the gallery:

  • Joan Rivers Motorized Cart
  • Joan Rivers Old Woman
  • Joan Rivers Riding Rascal
  • Joan Rivers Can No Longer Walk
  • Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Close Up
  • Joan Rivers After Plastic Surgery
  • Joan Rivers Natural Face
  • Joan Rivers Scary Woman
  • Joan Rivers Senior Citizen
  • Joan Rivers Age 100
  • Joan Rivers Nasty Woman
  • Joan Rivers Blue Plate Special
  • Joan Rivers Ancient
  • Joan Rivers Hot Daughter
  • Joan Rivers Lesbian
  • Ben

    But she is still a slave to sex.

  • Patrika

    I hear she and Larry King get it on, on a regular basis

  • DavidH

    She's so old that her prom theme was fire xD

    She's so old that she used to babysit Adam and Eve xD

  • canweride

    and here is her bed

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