Gwyneth Paltrow owns a *gasp* deep fryer

I'm really worried about Gwyneth Paltrow. She still smokes cigarettes, she's cutting off school buses, and now she admits that she own a deep fryer. She's becoming a pariah in the British uppity bitch community. She tells the new issue of Tatler:
"People are always surprised that I have a deep-fat fryer. It's hidden away in the kitchen counter and makes the most incredible French fries."
I hope you noticed how nonchalantly Gwyneth admitted to being mouth-breathing, potato-frying trailer trash, because I sure did. The irony is delicious because had this been pre-Iron Man Gwyneth, she would have been the first to look down on the great unwashed masses for even eating french fries, let alone making their own in a deep fryer. Awesome, not only am I looking forward to Gwyn's eventual admission of addictions to chewing tobacco, graffiti, and German scheisse porn, I'm looking forward to her telling us that we suck for not being addicted to chewing tobacco, graffiti, and German scheisse porn.

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