Demi Lovato leaked nudes hit the internet

There was a story floating around earlier this week that someone was offering Demi Lovato nude pics to the highest bidder (NSFW preview here). Radar turned her down, but Celebslam is still in negotiations with him. Here's what he told us:
We have nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato and was wondering if you would like to buy them ... The girl in the middle row, last pic is our friend and is a girl Demi had a fling with for some time on and off.
So not only does this guy have nude pics of Demi, but he also claims that she's bisexual. Which is entirely plausible for someone who used to have a show on the Disney Channel. Jenna Jameson used to be a choir girl before she got her first Disney show, and look what happened to her. The source continues:
After Demi got with Wilmer our friend called it off because she didn't like being played, she sent me these pictures that Demi sent her as a joke and I have no use for them ... There are about 20 total, not all have indication they are of her except some have her tattoos in ones you cannot see the face.
Remember girls, if you ever send someone a nude pic of yourself, that pic will eventually make its way to the internet. It is the most important thing you can learn in life. Screw math and science -- when would you ever need to know that stuff?


UPDATE (4/7/14): More Nude Pics Here!

*11 Demi Lovato pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Fan88

    Well it looks like the Pictures leaked anyway! They look real to me!

  • B

    They look pretty real to me tbh. The reason the tattoos are on different hands is because when you take a picture on a webcam everything is flipped. It's a mirror image basically. She looks hot and lots of people have things like this leaked so it shouldn't really matter.

  • Fan88

    They're real! I saw some rares on a Demi Fansite and they match up with these photos!

  • fackinmidgietook

    no thanks

  • Bob

    Enjoy the lawsuit.

  • Fan88

    Until I see them all, I will think they're fake! 4 of them do look real though. Bottom left, middle, middle right, upper right, they look real!

  • Lawrence Karaschin

    this is fucked up how long untill we can see them

  • calex21

    Okay, I'll just point out all of the photos which are so clearly fake:

    Top left: All you can see are collar bones, hands, and a chin. There is no face. That could be any random girl.

    Top middle: You would clearly be able to see her tattoo on her right side (the very first tattoo she got when she was 16). It is obviously not there, so that is fake.

    Middle left: BOTH tattoos shown here are on the wrong side. Even WITH the "mirror effect", they are still wrong. The flock of birds is on her RIGHT forearm, as with the feathers on her side. Also, the feathers are too far forward ( for clarification) AND the tattoo is incomplete. It also has the words "you make me beautiful) which was technically her first tattoo when she was 16, as stated above. She got the feathers added on later. So it is not possible to have the feathers without the words.

    Bottom left: If the seller is implying that Demi Lovato is the one in the middle "giving" the shot (which is unclear, that could also be any girl), then the cross tattoo on her RIGHT hand would be visible, which it is not.

    Bottom right: Back to that cross tattoo, it is on the wrong hand. In the picture, her tattoo is on the left, which is incorrect, even with that "mirror effect". Faked.

    Demi Lovato is a devout Christian, and the seller and buyers of these FAKED photos are pitiful.

  • jess

    lol fake, anyone who thinks these are real are clearly perverts who want to believe they are. the only one that may actually be real, is the wilmer one which has already been out for awhile. i love you demi, you're pure perfection. <3

  • Mullet head

    I thought mullets went out in the 80's?

  • maddie

    why do people even bother making them public? how about you be a decent human being and keep private things, oh i don't know, PRIVATE.

  • dude

    Move along.... there's nothing to see here

  • mally2708

    Shes a pin up girl. so what? Nowadays you must a Sherlock Holmes to figure out whats real.

  • rob

    This article has 29 comments right now. An article on CNN about about the use of chemical weapons in Syria has 3. Demi has tit pics everyone shutup.

  • Fan88

    When will we see them?

  • greg

    Wtf, when do we get to see the full uncensored set of these pics. Its time to buy these so we can see

  • Wolf23

    The waiting is killing me. PLEASE, make this happen, CS.

  • Jason Smith

    Or you can do what the rest of us did and go out and find a girl that will willingly take her clothes off for you, or is that not working out well for you?

  • Wolf23

    Really hoping to see these today. I've been waiting with anticipation.

  • Lawrence Karaschin

    when do we get to see them

  • BionicBey

    Too bad these pics won't ruin her career.... NOR get someone else's started *cough cough*

    Demi is a sweetheart and the desperate for fame mutts (no I highly doubt it was a man that sent in the lies w/attached pics) should get the attention they're seeking. Oh... not the attention they want... but the attention they deserve!

  • Vloggerazzi

    You can see bigger boobs and a fatter ass on Jonah Hill

  • Gdrive

    Please make it happen!

  • Someone

    The nudes ones seems SO fake... you can't see her face and the tattoos are in the wrong places... She has those tattoos in her right arm, in the pic they are in the left arm....

    The pic with Wilmer had leaked already... the only ones that look legit and really new are that with the backup dancings for her Camp Rock Tour and that of her kissing some girl...

    If you guys are buying it... well, be careful cause seems a lot of manips pics with some pics that have leaked already.... just google it... LOL

  • Mackintosh

    Mirrored pics. All I'm sayin'.

  • LOL

    But they don't look mirrored... like, all the image should be mirrored not only the places of the tattoos... right? And they are wrong anyways... like color and position, and incompleted...

    I think some pics may be legit, but whoever want to sell this manip some of them just to make it easy to people believe that it's her in the pics...

  • Greg Suarez

    Hey, that's great. Who the hell is Demi Lovato?

  • bernice

    are you for real or u re just playing stupid

  • Master Shake

    Seriously though. You actually paid money for this shit? You guys got taken for a ride.

  • katy

    these look like manips, so fake, just 2 these pictures is true.

  • All_about_selfies

    All you saying "wrong hand" are dumb, if it's a selfie the photo is reverse of how it should look, like if you are looking at yourself in the mirror. So you have to flip the photo to see it correctly, which would mean IT IS ON THE RIGHT HAND.

  • Master Shake

    We're not talking about the selfies you idiot. We're talking about the ones that don't look like her. The only one that is actually her is the one with dilmet and the girl who is giving her a kiss on the cheek.

    If they're gonna get someone to look like her and paint incomplete tattoos on her, do a better job of convincing us.

  • AAS

    like the bottom right looks like a laptop webcam pic or something, easily flip it to see how it should be.

  • katy

    but have one tattoo incomplete...

  • Master Shake


  • lovatic5H

    This is just stupid, they're obviously edited/fake. For example the one on the bottom right, it doesn't really even look like her and the cross tattoo is on the wrong hand anyway, and the tattoos in the middle left are misplaced and incomplete. The only one I would really believe is the bottom left, because I've seen other pictures from that party. But that isn't even a nude, it's just her and her friends doing body shots which isn't even that big a deal. The media has no respect these days for privacy. Even if they were all real, why leak them? It's obviously in the past and not who she is today. Today, she is in Africa celebrating her 21st birthday by helping out in an underprivileged community, rather than going out and partying like so many other people her age. Today, she is strong and unbroken. Today, she doesn't drink. Today, she inspires MILLIONS of young people to stay strong, to reach out and get help for their issues. I'm sick of the way celebrities are treated today, like something to make a buck out of. They are human beings who deserve the same basic privacy and respect as everyone else. I am so proud of Demi and everything she is doing in her life. She is one of the most beautiful, strong, inspirational, amazing women I know and I will ALWAYS love and support her. The only people I lost respect for after this is the people who wrote this article and leaked those pictures.

  • $11494162

    shut UP!

  • r k

    hey stfu up bitch. No one wants to read all that garbage you just wrote. People are here to see naked pictures

  • lovatic5H

    Rather than waiting around for fake naked pictures of some celebrity you clearly don't even care about, why don't you go out into the world and get yourself a real girlfriend? Alternatively there's plenty of porn sites around that I'm sure could satisfy your pathetic self :)

  • Clara slays you.

    Not all are fake..

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