Angelina Jolie arriving on a flight at LAX airport (8/15)

Angelina Jolie seems like she'd be all uptight, but nope. She's actually cool as hell and I may have to start stalking her:
According to The Sun, the pair recently rented the Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada and spent the day racing each other in Mustangs and Porsches before switching to motorbikes. A source revealed:

"Angie flew to Canada to scope out some potential filming venues for her movie Unbroken a couple of weeks ago. Brad and the kids went too but they vowed to get some couple time together during the trip so they booked out Calabogie racetrack for a day ... Neither of them have driven fast cars or motorbikes for some time. They haven't even flown Angie's private plane so it really got their adrenaline going and they both loved it."
Damn it, I hate when I shit on celebrities who turn out to be pretty damn cool -- and racing cars and motorbikes is pretty damn cool. Between that and buzzing the control towers on aircraft carriers with the fancy jet they recently purchased, Brad and Angie are pretty much living life as if they're doing a movie of my daydreams. Now, if these two all of a sudden start fighting crime as if the Punisher and Batman teamed up, then I'll have to say that Brangelina must have implanted a chip in my brain . . . or my psychotic break is finally happening. Wait, why are all these spiders crawling on me?

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