It's a makeupless Lady Gaga at the Watermill Center Summer Benefit in Watermill, New York on Saturday! What the hell is that? I don't recognize her without paint or bacon on her face...


  • Stealth Statistician

    She looks better this way. Her blond eyebrows look artificial, though.

  • xiexie

    bitch plz,
    she's not ugly, should just match her eyebrows and then she's up to normal-non-celeb-beauty.

  • bzer03

    Better with boobs.

  • Del

    Depends on how you define "makeupless". Lash extensions aren't exactly "makeupless", to start with.

  • Fawnzarelle

    sorry farmer john thats not a cow its a pig with chapped lips

  • farmer old McDice

    come on Elsie, time to go back into the barn, MOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you fucking cow WHOOEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • master yoda

    Some people are just naturally beautiful. She is not one of them.

  • 1SouthSide1

    But she certainly is handsome.

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