Noah Cyrus leaving a party in Malibu (7/4)

That's Miley Cyrus' 13-year-old little sister Noah leaving a party in Malibu on the 4th of July. As soon as she spotted the paparazzi (which she seemed pretty surprised to see), she quickly handed her plastic cup to her friend. In the history of those plastic cups -- blue, red, or whatever color -- I'm pretty sure that nothing non-alcoholic has ever been consumed out of them. And if it was, it was purely by accident. But hey, I'm probably making something out of nothing. With mom cheating on dad and dad cheating on mom, it's not like a 13-year-old girl would make irresponsible decisions for attention.

*11 Noah Cyrus pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Noah Cyrus Getting Drunk
  • Noah Cyrus Driking Alcohol
  • Noah Cyrus Underage Drinking
  • Noah Cyrus 4th of July Drinking
  • Noah Cyrus in Bikini on 4th of July
  • Noah Cyrus Bikini Top
  • Noah Cyrus Beer Drinking
  • Noah Cyrus and Friends
  • Noah Cyrus Caught Drinking
[Pacific Coast News]

    Yeah shess good to go now

  • Suq-it

    She is ugly as all fuck, just like her whole inbred clan of family members, fucking gross.

  • Eric the scandinavial

    If you have no other Problems. Yes 13 is to young to drink but 21 is just stupid. Look at other countries its 18 everywhere but only the USA live in the 1920s. Well at least you can have a gun as a child and shoot people that look at you the wrong way

  • Gavin Lopez

    What a disgusting, white-trash infested family of hicks.

  • Billy2Hawt

    Sad part is she caught chlamydia from her brother. Google it if you're in doubt. Sad, Sad inbreeding family

  • babbusito

    who's the porker on the right? the one in the middle must be very nervous, she keeps biting her nails. is she afraid her parents won't let her hang out with a future drunk?

  • ll316

    What kind of monster follows around a 13 year old to take pictures of her in a bikini? If the photographer dropped dead right this very second, would the world be a better or worse place?

  • Byran

    Worse, because he is bringing us important photos, of important people, not porn.

  • Hillbilly Sam

    OK first of all...not important in the least. This is a really sad down hill slide for what had been a fine upstanding family. As for the comment about the blue cups being for non alcoholic drinks. Really? Doesn't take a cop to look at that face and see a drunk 13 year old.

  • Byran

    Good Work!!! These are photos the people need to see and news the people need to hear. Good uplifting news and reporting out of California.

  • ...So you're following around a 13 year old girl in a bikini and taking pictures of her?

    Farking scumbag pedos employed here apparently. Jesus. Do you look at yourself in the mirror when you go to work and think how proud of your job you are? That you're doing a valid service for your community?

  • Notme

    Who gives a shit.

  • thagreatestmanalive

    Not in hillbilly country. The legal age for sex and drugs in 16.

  • master yoda

    Congrats on picking that fug face out of the crowd. Had you posted a pic, but not given a name, I never ever would have known.

  • LolleyGagger

    Red cups are the alcoholic ones, blue is for Dew (not hillbilly mt. dew either). Anyone who goes to those things knows that but there's Absolute-ly no way of knowing what's in it. C'mon amateurs you act like you've never been to a party before.

  • Alex Delarge

    Hell is she was Kardoucheian she would be in negotiations for her first porn with her mom as her agent!

  • Crazy_Hater

    No, never! We all know that the whole family is above board and a bunch of non-drivers. ROTFLMAO!! What do you think asshole?

  • hiLL BIlly RaY

    gollee, 13 is over the hill here in Tennassee, Noah has to get all liquored up to be attractive to her brother or cousins at that there singles party ,oops ,I mean family reunion like them there Mexicans girls [see photo]

  • Bubba

    Everyone knows you have to be 21 to consume adult beverages. Nuff said.

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