Mischa Barton is pissed

Mischa Barton is pissed at director Sofia Coppola for referencing her 2007 DUI in her new movie The Bling Ring (apparently one of the characters says "Mischa Barton got a DUI"). Last week she tweeted:
Really #sofiacoppola #theblingring my name? Shame on you
Yes, Mischa, shame on Sofia for the shameful act of mentioning your DUI after she's the one who tricked you into drinking all that vodka and then forced you to put all those other drivers' lives at risk by driving. Oh that's not what happened, you say?

NOTE: That's Mischa toking and driving in 2010, while still on probation from her DUI in 2007. With her apparent lack of even basic common sense, it's actually quite remarkable that she's lived all the way to 2013.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • Zonker

    A very cool lady. Also has a really nice car.

  • MB is my Fame

    Mischa is an extremely lovely and sexy girl, with lots of talent, a keen sense of humor, and to top it all off she has a very high IQ, very intelligent.

  • weslie snipes

    is it me or does driving a 1970 Cadillac convertible the same as DUI, thats what the Cadillac salesman told me

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