Tish Cyrus leaving her hotel in Miami (6/29)

Even though Billy Ray and she announced that they were divorcing last month, Tish Cyrus is still wearing her wedding ring (in Miami, above, over the weekend). "Oh yeah, I like being married to an extremely wealthy country music star and not lifting my ass to do a thing," Tish remembered.

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  • c k

    This woman is the single worst influence on Miley. She's a total clueless bimbo!!!

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    and she gave her daughter a standing ovation for that gross slutty performance. I bet that stuff has lots to d with the divorce

  • sharonfromtexas


  • hILl BiLly Ray

    hell ya, and she's still wearin that there bridle and harness that I put on her to tie her up to the outhouse when I takes me a good ole Tennassee dump

  • Amanda

    Miley's mom is a saint and goddess. She is such a wowie mom.

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