Jennifer Lopez arriving at BBC Radio 1 studios in London (5/30)

Jennifer Lopez claims that she used to be "homeless" because she got into a fight with her mom and slept on a couch at a dance studio. Oh my gosh that poor poor thing. Was the air conditioner working? She told W magazine:
"My mom and I butted heads. I didn't want to go to college - I wanted to try dance full-time. So she and I had a break. I started sleeping on the sofa in the dance studio. I was homeless, but I told her, 'This is what I have to do.' A few months later, I landed a job dancing in Europe. When I got back, I booked In Living Color. I became a Fly Girl and moved to L.A. It all happened in a year."
A comfortable (albeit semen-covered) couch in a well-kept dance studio? That's what passes for homeless these days? Vagrants and scallywags don't score jobs dancing in Europe like J.Lo did -- they do charming things like sell tainted blood for cookies and shit on subway station platforms. I'm growing tired of J.Lo's phony "Jenny from the Block" persona. She's had a pretty sweet life, there's no need to rewrite the backstory. Take me, for example. I've never hidden my early life, full of throwing money at the help, boarding school in Vienna, and holidays in the most exclusive vacation spots in countries most of you can't pronounce -- the wheels came off the wagon only after I depleted the trust fund by throwing most of it at the help. Damn it, look at the time. I have a bus to catch, an office to clean, and a CEO to blow.

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  • Mary

    J-Lo is the wise Latina

  • Jose C.

    The only reason she ain't living down in the ghetto, be cause she be a white hispanic

  • reverand al

    Jose [can you] C. is that your real name or is it George Zimmerman?

  • Crazy_Hater

    Boo fucking Hoo, my fucking heart bleeds snot for your sorry fat ass. The homeless people of the world are disgusted by you stupid comment you fucking clueless bitch. As it says, STFU!

  • $5533888

    That wasn't homeless, that was couch surfing; an entirely different thing. I couch surfed by choice, similar to her situation, for four months and at no time would I have called myself "homeless" or deserving of pity.

    When people refer to being homeless they mean literally not having a home at all, even a temporary one; living on the streets begging for food.

    It's outrageous she would equate herself with people who generally suffer.

  • Ben

    Is it true that JLo is thinking about going into politics? Maybe running for senate from NJ.

  • Crazy_Hater

    Oh Fuck me! That's all this country needs is a Liberal Loon like her in Congress. We're already fucked with Maxine Watters and her ilk.


    oh cry me a river of rice and beans you scatter-rican ,you probably blew the Wayans brothers and Jim Carey and you wonder why they call you a "fly girl, DIE: NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kurt

    Jenny from the block had a rough childhood living in the projects and on the street during her school years. She has worked hard to come up in the world and not just be another ho selling it on the corner.


    more like Jenny loves the COCK , she probably
    slept on a cock at a dance studio the fucking mega-ass whore whats with these big assed sluts huh Kim: GUILTY NOBODY FUCKING CARES

  • Crazy_Hater

    Oh cry me a fucking river too. Who gives a fuck, she was never "homeless" if she had a place to sleep. Try checking out the people in the parks, under bridges, in sewers. Those fuckers are truly HOMELESS jackass!

  • Biff Steele

    What a fucking douche - "See, I'm just like you poor people!" she says. Up yours with a twirling lawnmower, JBlow.

  • Erik Colquitt

    Long Before the Idiot Mass Media Cess Pool Spat out the Self Important, Egotist Hack known as Beyonce, the world had J-Lo.

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