Emma Watson and Will Adamowicz out and about in New York (2/16)

Emma Watson is already talking marriage with her boyfriend Will Adamowicz -- or as I call him: Will "Horse Cock" Adamowicz. From Star:
Emma Watson wants her ow Bling Ring -- because she's desperate to tie the knot with boyfriend Will Adamowicz! "Emma feels ready to take the next step," dishes a close pal. The actress has even been dropping hints. "She'll pull him into jewelry stores to point out pretty rings," reveals the insider. "Or she'll show him ring designs that she finds on the Internet."

Friends say the couple -- who met while studying at the University of Oxford in 2011 -- are the perfect pair to walk down the aisle. "They're deeply in love," spills the source. "Will is shy about buying a ring, because he doesn't have a big budget. But Emma is a simple girl and doesn't want a huge diamond. (Print Edition - 7/13)
...But Emma is a simple girl and doesn't want a huge diamond."

Translation: Emma wants the Hope Diamond on her finger, or else!

I don't mean to be such a downer, but Emma will never get the ring she wants or deserves unless she either buys it herself or upgrades from this mouth breather. There's no shame in that, either. Great women have been buying their own blood diamonds for years, and their relationships seem to all work out great. Ladies such as J.Lo, Jessica Simpson, the Kardashian sisters, and Britney Spears can all testify to the strength of their marriages to lesser men . . . oh, who am I kidding? Women who buy their own engagement rings always end up as old and miserable spinsters. First come the cats, then the Readers Digest subscription, and before you know it, you're chasing neighborhood kids off your lawn with a broom.

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  • She is too HOT for that guy.

  • Chris

    You are quoting Star Magazine, that fact alone make this entire story completely bullshit lol

  • Mary Knows

    I hope not. Emma is way too good for him. She needs to wait awhile. She can do so much better.

  • b003



    as we can see sleeping Hermione is really impressed with this loser Polack muggle, wake up dammit Hermione because I'm very drunk want to bang you and I just dipped my wand in some Viagra potion and it works just like a twitter picture from Anthony Weiner

  • Erik Colquitt

    Once Again White Guys have ALL the luck.
    This is the Equivalent of winning the Superbowl, Power Ball and Mega Millions all in the same Day!
    Emma has to be worth at least $30 Million from all the Residuals from the Harry Potter Movies ( Also known as THE biggest Film Franchise of All Time or as Ruppert, Emma and Daniel call it..."We hit the Lottery when we were 12, ).
    This dude litteraly has to do nothing but find new ways to make Hormoine Cum while the Brinks/ Wells Fargo Armored car backs into his Driveway.
    This Guy gets to have his cClass Mercedes Benz-XboxOne / PS4, Million Dollar Home in Essex Cake AND eat it too.
    Well played MotherFucker.
    Well Played.

  • Travis

    Um...Will is half Asian

  • Erik Colquitt

    Good for him.
    Now He'll have Plenty of Money to Buy Egg Rolls

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