Jake Gyllenhaal's new girlfriend Alyssa Miller

After being linked with the gorgeous Emily DiDonato earlier this year, Jake Gyllenhaal is now dating the equally gorgeous Alyssa Miller. I bet she has a great personality. From the New York Post:
Jake Gyllenhaal has traded in his girlfriend for a new model. Sources say he's moved on from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit babe Emily DiDonato to another SI stunner, Alyssa Miller. Spies tell us that Gyllenhaal and Miller were spotted at lunch last week at the Dutch in Soho before reports they'd been "making out" at Cold Process Coffee & Tea. Gyllenhaal dated DiDonato for "a month or two," according to reports. Reps for Miller and Gyllenhaal declined to comment.
Just to show you guys that I'm not a one-trick pony, I'm not gonna pinch a loaf on Jake today. Why should I? Running though Victoria's Secret models is his right as an entertainer and as an American citizen. And I also consider it a kind of penance for starring in one of the most vile, American culture-hating movies of all time: Bubble Boy (this is reason why beheadings should never be taken off the table as a legitimate movie review). Good for Jake. He really needs to plow his way through runway models to show why Minka Kelly should take him out of the friend zone. You remember something, Jake Twist, the only way to hook up with the one you want is by showing that you DON'T need her (or him).

*30 Alyssa Miller pictures total in the gallery:

  • Alyssa Miller Dating Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Alyssa Miller Leaning on a Tree
  • Alyssa Miller Sexy Long Legs
  • Alyssa Miller See Through to Nipples
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Dating Alyssa Miller
  • Alyssa Miller in a purple bikini
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  • Alyssa Miller Gorgeous Brunette Hair
  • Alyssa Miller Bikini Photoshoot
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Dating Bikini Model
  • Alyssa Miller in Underwear
  • Alyssa Miller Swimsuit Issue
  • Alyssa Miller Colorful Bikini
  • Alyssa Miller in Lingerie
  • Alyssa Miller Half Naked
  • Alyssa Miller Bright Green Swimsuit
  • Alyssa Miller in Sunglasses
  • Jake Gyllenhaal New Girlfriend
  • Alyssa Miller Bikini Tits
  • Alyssa Miller in a swimsuit
  • Alyssa Miller Almost Nude
  • Alyssa Miller Wearing a Bra
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  • Alyssa Miller Laying on the Beach
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  • Dream girl Alyssa Miller
  • Alyssa Miller Bikini Bottoms
  • Alyssa Miller Sexy Photoshoot
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