Amanda Seyfried leaving an event in Beverly Hills (4/11)

So apparently Amanda Seyfried wanted to take it all off for Allure's nude issue, but her publicist Evelyn Karamanos wouldn't let her. YOU BITCH. From the New York Post:
Seyfried appears on the cover of the May "Look Better Naked" issue, and Editor-in-Chief Linda Well s hosted a dinner in her honor at A.O.C. the other night. During the toast, Wells made it clear Seyfried was the only celebrity among Naya Rivera, Jennifer Morrison, "Nashville" star Clare Bowen and Krista Miller with clothes on, to which Seyfried responded, "I would have, but my publicist wouldn't let me!"
I guess it's settled, Evelyn Karamanos should be fired and sent to Guantanamo Bay for not allowing Amanda to show the world her goodies. I mean, is this America or Afghanistan? We put our boots a foot deep up Hitler's pussy in WW2 to make sure that broads all over the world would have the right to air out their tacos in public. Personally, I think the President himself should get involved and get some sort of war crimes commission held for the traitor, Karamanos . . . assuming that is her real name. Mr. President, are you reading this? Quick, someone get Jay-Z on the phone.

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  • Rob's Dad

    It's for the best. She needs to retain some of the mystery and anticipation. Why ruin her virginal image?

  • f.gump

    give her a week and she'll be appearing naked on the streets of New York "crazy is as crazy does"

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