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Amanda Bynes kicked out of Adult Gymnastics class

Honestly, who among us has never broken down in the middle of a gymnastics class after a wig has fallen off of our head? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” (John 8:7). The New York Post has more on Amanda Bynes getting kicked out of the Adult Gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers last week:

“[Amanda] immediately started acting strangely,” our source said. “She lined up with the other gymnasts, and each took their turn to perform a roll. But Amanda just walked out on the mat, was spinning around in circles and mumbling to herself.”

Later, when the others were performing cartwheels, Amanda “did a cartwheel, but her wig fell off, and she sat down and cried.” The source added that after a number of other incidents where she was heard mumbling to herself or walking in front of others performing exercises, she was asked to leave.

The source said, “She went two weeks in a row, but the second time, she was escorted out. Staff were concerned about her manner and worried she might be a hazard to other people in the class.”

Geez, I want to make fun of Amanda, but I’m worried that the next cheap shot I deliver will be the last Amanda will hear while living — and it will be what Entertainment Tonight uses to bury my fine website. This era of anti-bullying is making me sick, to be honest. There was a time where I could talk about the erection I’d achieve watching a former child star melt down — it was like free Viagra. Now, I have to pretend to be concerned because some people just can’t take the internet equivalent of a wedgie. Running a celebrity blog has gotten riskier than banging Paris Hilton without protection . . . and by “protection” I’m talking about a full tactical riot control suit. Condoms stopped working about 10 years ago with her.

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April 9, 2013 - 8:00 am