It’s really hard being a movie star (or not)

Vanessa Hudgens filming Spring Breakers in St. Petersburg, Florida last year March

Even though it certainly looked like it was all fun and games, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson say filming Spring Breakers in a bikini 24/7 last year in Florida was grueling work. Oh my gosh those poor things. From People:

Hudgens had already told us she wanted to burn hers, and at the film’s L.A. premiere, her costars concurred.

“I was over the orange top and the green little bottoms. It was a pain, actually!” Gomez says of her ill-fitting suit. And Benson agreed that she’d send her bathing suit straight to the incinerator — though it wasn’t because she had to starve herself to wear it.

“I trained, worked out and went on a clean diet for a month,” Benson says of her pre-film routine. “And then I get there and [director Harmony Korine] is like, ‘You guys need to gain weight.’ And I’m like ‘Oh my God, I just spent all this money on a trainer. I did a complete diet and now you want me to eat Taco Bell?!’ I love eating anyway, so it’s fine!”

Taco Bell and bikinis? Am I reading about the production of Spring Breakers or the nail-biting season finale of Deadliest Catch? It sounds so grueling that I’m honestly surprising that one of these girls didn’t die — and by “honestly” I mean “Selena, Vanessa, and Ashley: STFU and stop complaining about shit because you film movies on beaches for 50 times what the average American makes for sitting in a god damn cubicle all day.”


March 28, 2013 - 12:30 pm