Justin Bieber arriving back at his hotel in London (2/28)

Justin Bieber made an astounding $6,200/hour last year, which still isn't enough to buy the physique of an adult man. From Parade:
It's no surprise that celebrities make a whole lot more than the Average Joe and Jane. But how much more? According to Parade's "What People Earn" issue, a lot more. Justin Bieber pulled in a staggering $55 million in 2012. The sum includes album sales, touring and two women's fragrances. This means the teen superstar made $6,261 an hour last year.
You know what? I'm gonna be OK. Last year, the old me would have become so enraged by Justin's success that I would have punched an old lady in the throat. Today? Not so much. Thanks to groups like One Direction, Justin's time in the sun is just about over -- and he knows it. Haven't you noticed the uptick in JB freak-out stories? I sure have. The little kid is panicking because 13-year-old girls aren't defending his lack of talent or furiously masturbating to him with the same fervor anymore. I hope Justin saved his money, because I have a feeling that he's only one bad concert tour and resulting coke addiction away from punching a time card at a Toronto fish cannery.

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  • Megan

    And then there's you sitting behind you're computer writing stupid stuff about a 19 year old boy. I personally think his fame has only just become and wish him all the luck.

  • Stephanie Lopez Garcia

    STFU YOU LITTLE BITCH!!! He still has a lot of fans that love and support him! And if he is acting like that it's because the stress he gets and the hate from stupid ass hole haters but he is still incredibly talented!!!!
    And beliebers will always love him and support him!!! So I guess you got everything wrong bitch

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  • gerardv

    Once he gives up anal his take will fall.

  • lol

    Well they must assume he worked 160 hours a week in order to come up with those numbers. Parade failed at math.

  • Crazy_Hater

    Well hopefully the little punk can buy himself some brains as he certainly does not appear to have too many going by these pictures. What a useless little prick, let's hope he goes the way of the Dinosaur soon!

  • senorita gomez

    well, thats enough to buy himself a man sized pecker so his pants don't keep falling down

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