Kim Kardashian leaving a gym in Studio City (2/14)

Kim Kardashian wants to hire three nannies at $200k/yr to help raise her and Kanye West's baby. Well, of course. I just don't think it's possible to raise a child in this modern age without $600k worth of Uruguayans on staff. A source told Contact Music:
"As with everything Kim and Kanye related, they're not holding back. Each of the nannies will receive a salary of around $200,000 per [year]. They will be given a car each and new phones so that they can stay in contact with Kim and Kanye around the clock. They want to build a wing on their mansion with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a second nursery, a kitchen and a spa area for their new employees. Kim and Kanye feel it's important to have a separate area marked off so that they can still spend time alone as a family.

"All of the candidates will have to go through a thorough interview process and the contracts will be absolutely watertight. They're really keen to make sure anyone they employ isn't fazed by their celebrity so they're looking for people who have previous experience working with high-profile clients."
Team KKK just can't give it a rest. Kim, Kanye, and the rest of those animals can't go a week without being detestable -- it's as if they declared Jihad against dignity. I have to ask, why does mother Kris think that leaking this information is good for her daughter's already shitty image? What difference would spending over half-a-million dollars make when mom and dad are reprehensible fame whores? I sincerely hope that the thing growing in Kim's belly is a girl who turns out to be just like her. I promised myself to keep Celebslam going until at least 2027 -- by then, the hologram of Kim's daughter getting plowed by whatever's considered taboo should be leaked to the internets.

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[FameFlynet, WENN]
  • Kelli

    I hope this "parentless" baby grows up to be as big a douchebag as its sperm doner and womb carrier. Dogs are better mothers than Kim will be.

  • The Gypsy

    I could not have said this better myself.

  • Lies. lies. lies,

  • uggeybuggey

    $200,000 a year! Where do I sign up?

  • Rebeldutchess

    Good morning,afternoon,goodnight..the child will be a accessory and attend staged photo ops,

  • Crazy_Hater

    I can see the need for three Nannies as Kim & Kumpany are so fucking stupid the motherfuckers won't have a clue what to do with a kid. Besides they're both in need of a Nanny themselves because they are indeed Fucked-in-the-Head!! Fucking useless pieces of shit!

  • momma k

    makes perfect sense, a nanny to carry each of her giant ass cheeks and one to hold her mouth open for golden showers

  • publius

    What else could we expect from two losers. One home boy and one white trashette

  • Lobsterman

    Not to question her intelligence, but she's not sure the baby's hers!...

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