Paris Hilton arriving to the People's Choice Awards in L.A. (1/9)

You may not know this, but aside from her wonky eye, the only thing that Paris Hilton is truly self-conscious about is her huge, lumberjack-like feet (because there's nothing that she can do about it), so naturally I try to make fun of them whenever possible. That's her at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night. Wow. Things are so big that she needs a permit to take them out in public. Things are so intimidating that even Cain Velasquez won't fight her.

*5 Paris Hilton massive feet pictures total in the gallery:

  • Paris Hilton Huge High Heels 1
  • Paris Hilton Huge High Heels 2
  • Paris Hilton Huge High Heels 3
  • Paris Hilton Huge High Heels 4
  • Paris Hilton Huge High Heels 5
[Pacific Coast News]
  • Wolf5150

    I thought is was Wile Coyote in a pair of pumps!

  • leup garu

    she is related to the sasquatch

  • oiss-skanks inc.

    well she can't be too self concious about it if she's calling attention to them , riiiiight?
    she looks great !
    better than the piss stankin' midget that's for sure ...

  • pw rubens

    Pee Wee Herman wants his shoes back but they probably have crabs

  • oiss-skanks inc.

    peewee herman ain't worried

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