Lindsay Lohan arriving back to the Dorchester Hotel in London (12/31)

"Wait, you have to pay that bill EVERY month?" From Hollyscoop:
After reports that the spiraling actress was doing all she could to pay her $8,000-a-month rent on her latest Beverly Hills pad, we can now confirm that the actress was actually evicted from that house. A source that was scoping the nearby market tells Hollyscoop exclusively that their real estate agent let the news slip on a recent outing.

"I went house hunting in Beverly Hills and the realtor told me that she was shown a house and the realtor said that it was Lindsay's last home," the source says. "She had just recently left because she could no longer afford it."
OK, just so I have my facts straight, a chronically-unemployed narcissist who's hopelessly addicted to coke, or booze, or crystal meth -- or whatever the hell else keeps her from getting the shakes -- got herself kicked out of a house because of non payment of rent? Yeah, not really a surprise. Lindsay Lohan is Natasha Lyonne minus the indie drama cred. And what in the hell does that mean? Absolutely nothing, but I was watching Slums of Beverly Hills while typing this when I noticed a very nice erection in honor of Natasha.

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