JWoww appearing on New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013 in Times Square (12/31)

I could post something more disturbing than these pictures of JWoww's ass on New Year's Eve, but I haven't actually found any pictures of kittens being raped and murdered by a guy in a clown outfit yet.

*5 JWoww pictures total in the gallery:

  • JWoww New Years Ass 1
  • JWoww New Years Ass 2
  • JWoww New Years Ass 3
  • JWoww New Years Ass 4
  • JWoww New Years Ass 5
  • cage1

    Just look at the work that was done in the pic. The face is faded compared to the rest of the pic. Second it looks to small for the body. If the guys that did this set of pics can't do a better job don't quit your day job

  • anonn

    shit is fake lol no tattoo? amatuer.

  • vin cheezee

    now I know where all the ricotta cheese in New Jersey went to after hurracaine Sandy

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