JWoww says that wasn't her real ass on New Year's Eve

JWoww says the unflattering pictures of her ass taken on New Year's Eve were photoshopped and that wasn't actually her ass, so to prove it she uploaded a video yesterday to Keek showing her "real" ass (in soft lighting and much more flattering underwear). Yes that's right, the three independent paparazzi agencies who managed to snap pictures of her ass are all conspiring with each other by meticulously photoshopping each and every picture they took to make JWoww looks bad. "The slutty chick from Jersey Shore is getting too powerful . . . . we must find a way to bring her down."

*10 JWoww ass pictures total in the gallery:

  • JWoww Ass Video 1
  • JWoww Ass Video 2
  • JWoww Ass Video 3
  • JWoww Ass Video 4
  • JWoww Ass Video 5
  • JWoww Ass Video 6
  • JWoww Ass Video 7
  • JWoww Ass Video 8
  • JWoww Ass Video 9
  • JWoww Ass Video 10
  • strang

    Yeah, no. Her dimpled ass and legs weren't 'shopped... that's shit's the real deal.


    all Joisey girls have 2 asses one for partying [extra cheese] and a private one for those special anal moments FUGETAHBOUTIT

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