Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence at a screening of Silver Linings Playbook in L.A. (11/19)

Bradley Cooper says he would never sleep with Jennifer Lawrence because she's too young. WTF? She's not Dakota Fanning. No one's gonna think you're a pedophile. From Entertainment Tonight:
Nancy O'Dell caught up with Golden Globe nominee Bradley Cooper backstage at [Sunday]'s Golden Globe Awards. When asked by O'Dell to address the persistent rumors that he is dating Jennifer Lawrence, his co-star in Silver Linings Playbook, Cooper responds, "If it didn't happen by now, it's not gonna happen...I could literally be her father."
Wow, Bradley isn't interested in uber hot Jennifer Lawrence because he could "literally be her father." I'm obviously not hip the current jive talkin' you kids are all blabbing, but is "too young" another way of saying "I need a hot, throbbing cock jammed into my backside"? If age differences in their relationships don't seem to bother alpha males like George Clooney, Ryan Seacrest, or Hugh Hefner then . . . wait a second, maybe Brad is onto something there. Maybe not bearding out hot chicks is the new way actors stay in the closet. Now that I think about it, where has Gilligan been hiding the last couple of years?

*15 Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence 15
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  • Ed Gray are a really really sad person.

  • Jaden Levi

    If you were within arm's reach mr/ms article writer...I beat your idjit ass down.

  • Donitello

    Just because he has standards, and doesn't take advantage sexually of a young ingenue doesn't make him gay. It makes him a real man who wishes to be a friend to another talent in Hollywood. The comment doesn't make me question his sexuality it makes me proud of him, and in my eyes makes him more of a man than most you'll find.

  • Josh

    YOUR ARTICLE SUCKS. What a waste of time. Because the guy isn't interested in young women that makes him a homosexual? You need to experience life in the real world and not in whatever ignorant bubble you live in. It's no wonder you don't sign your'd get your ass beat.

  • Tom Salter

    What a silly article.

  • Sass

    You're awful, and to answer your question, the guy who played Gilligan is dead. Wow.

  • max

    Also interesting how the author went into such detail... hot, throbbing cock dude? Been having wet dreams again, have we?

  • max

    Soooooo because an almost 40 year old doesn't feel comfortable dating a just turned 22 year old he must be gay? Solid journalism, I bet your mom glows with pride when she tells peope how you make a living.

  • Ben_Dover™

    It's an open secret that Brad doesn't dig the v@j. In a recent widely viewed TV show, two gay men told a female celebrity who expressed a desire to bed Brad, that she's need a hemorrhoid pillow the next morning.

  • Les Legato

    Another pig. Go back in your gutter toilet, no one wants to read your trash.

  • Ben_Dover™

    How much did you make from your post? I hear .56 USD is the going rate. Vous êtes des porcs. S'il vous plaît continuer à manger ta merde, Rico Swave. Vous tromper personne. Avez-vous contril ce beaord message? C'est ce qu'on appelle Clebslam, idiot!

  • Gymmee

    WTF is this worthless site anyway?? A place for homeless, gay, wanna-be "writers" to display their "work"?

  • hugh effher

    I,m no beard, I,m the poster child for Viagra and the penis pump ,I'm Heffey the sailor man ,I eats me spinch so I can finish or else I'z cum in my hand ,toot toot

  • Nate Blank

    Dakota Fanning is an adult dipshit.

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