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Hah! Jay-Z and Beyonce laugh at your non-diamond-encrusted Barbie Dolls! From The Sun:
Doting Beyonce Knowles and hubby Jay-Z splashed out $80,000 on a diamond-encrusted Barbie for their daughter's first birthday.
I won't name names, but is it bad that I want to physically harm a 1-year-old? 
The customised doll for little Blue Ivy includes 160 of the gems, plus white gold jewellery. The mega-rich singers also threw a lavish princess-themed party for close family and pals to mark her special day. The bash in New York included [~$100k] of white and pink roses as decorations and a cake costing [$2400]. Another [$32k] went on accessories and toys for Blue Ivy's young guests, including jewelery sets, princess costumes and playhouses.
How to Turn Your Kid into a Demanding Little Bitch: A Step-By-Step Guide, by Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Adults were given elaborate goodie bags including concert tickets and personalized gold pens with Blue Ivy and each guest's name engraved on them.

A source said: "Nothing's been too big or expensive for their little princess. They wanted her first birthday to set the tone for the rest of her life. They work hard for their money and the first thing they want to spend it on is their baby girl. It's hard to imagine how they can top this next year -- or what her Sweet Sixteen will be like."
Awe, this is a heartwarming tale, if ever there was one. $200K on a first birthday for a baby is so classy -- I'm surprised Jay-Z and Beyonce didn't hold the party during a "Who da Baby Daddy" episode of Maury. 100% True Story: One time I went to a kid's first birthday party and didn't get a personalized gold pen. I know, right? Such tacky parents. Needless to say, I'm no longer friends with them.

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