Kim Kardashian at the opening of Millions of Milkshakes at The Avenues Mall in Kuwait City (11/29)

Quick, is this Reuters report about the latest humanitarian crackdown in Syria? . . . or a quashed uprising in Afghanistan?:
Witnesses said police dispersed the demonstrators with stun grenades as the inauguration proceeded inside. There were no reports of casualties.
Surprise -- neither one! It's about Kim Kardashian's visit to Bahrain over the weekend to open the latest franchise of Millions of Milkshakes:
Television celebrity Kim Kardashian brought out screaming fans, angry Muslim hardliners and police throwing stun grenades on Saturday when she visited Bahrain to launch a milkshake franchise, witnesses said.

About 100 Sunni Salafists demonstrated with banners outside The Walk Bahrain, an upmarket mall in the capital Manama, after some MPs tried to block the visit over what they called her "bad reputation", according to a local newspaper.
"Angry Muslim hardliners"? They sound like a bunch of teddy bears to me. Kim and I both think that these pussies are all talk and no action. And that their mothers and a bunch of goat fuckers and the Koran is just a Bible for dumb people. Well actually, Kim told me those last two things -- I didn't actually say that. Frankly, I was a little shocked that she thinks like that. How 'bout a little more tolerance, Kim Kardashian? . . . who's staying at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa. Yeah, the big hotel off King Abdullan Ibn Al-Hussain Ave on Manama Bay. That's the one.

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  • Crazy_Hater

    Who let this slut loose, now there goes all chance of World Peace with her STD ridden ass flying all over the world. We're all fucked now! Bitch!!

  • Norma

    I think Kim is the dark brooding type, but a very crafty and intellegent business woman.

  • Malike

    Sh eis defiling a land that is holy to the prophet

  • osammy been laidyet

    take this whore of Armenia and bury her in the sand and stone her to death, but Abdullah his ass is so big it will require a very deep hole,then dig a deeper hole and stick a pipeline in her ass and we will also have a new oilwell, inshala salem salam praise be to Allah

  • Amal

    This fallen woman is an imp shaitan. She does not have the approval Imans and Mullahs, peace be upon their names

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